Queen’s death brings rebranding to British currency

The epoch of Queen Elisabeth II had come to an end, now British coins, notes, flags, and many more items face major rebranding

Queen currency

Queen’s death brings rebranding to British currency. Source:

During her exceptional 70-year reign, the late Queen Elisabeth II was portrayed on pounds and pence, postmarks and post boxes, labels on consumer products, and more. Now, when King Charles is in charge, 29 billion coins and 4.7 billion banknotes worth about £80bn in circulation would have to be substituted. 

The Queen’s image and title would be replaced by the appearance of the new monarch. Queen Elisabeth II has appeared on all Bank of England notes since 1960. Minting the new coins and notes is a gradual process that could take months and even years. The Royal Mint, which produces the coins, and the Bank of England, which oversees the notes, are already working on the project. Perhaps, it would remind a coin issued in 2018 by the Royal Mint to commemorate then-Prince Charles’ 70th birthday.

It is known that the new monarch on the banknotes will face left, while the queen’s profile was facing right. It reflects a British tradition for each successive monarch to face a different direction than their predecessor to signal the start of a new era. The notes would probably be made of polymer, as the government is now gradually phasing out paper bills in favour of longer-lasting notes. 

Nevertheless, even when the new notes and coins appear, bills with Queen’s face on them would continue to be legal tender.


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