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RESEARCH: 12 best countries to start a business in

The well-known SEO and research company has submitted a list of the 12 most pro-business countries, the best to start a business in

countries to start a business

Where to start a business Source: Uplash

According to the research conducted by Reboot Digital Agency, New Zealand was declared to be the best country in which to start a business. The rating of the country stood at 99.96 in 2018. The country is still #1, despite the fact that it lost 0.18% during the last year. Thus, if you have decided to start a business in Auckland, which is the largest urban area in the country, you will need just one administrative (legal) procedure, half a day, and less than 1% of per capita income.

The top five list also includes Canada (98.23), Hong Kong (98.14), Georgia (97.84), and Jamaica (97.3). Australia’s (96.47) rating remains unchanged, as well as South Korea’s one (95.83). We can see the most significant positive rating change (compared to 2017) in Kosovo (95.67) and Uzbekistan (95.54). Their growth rates totalled 4.98% and 4.46%, respectively.

The principle of the rating compilation was based on the minimum capital requirements, the quantity of required administrative/legal procedures, and terms and costs, which SMEs need to be officially launched in the country’s financial capital.

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