Revolut extends the functionality of one of its features

The bank says it is now easier to keep track of the money and control things like categories and budgeting

Revolut Analytics

Revolut extends the functionality of one of its features. Source:

Revolut announced an update of its Analytics feature, which now allows seeing how much customers are predicted to spend by month’s end, based on their day-to-day spending and scheduled payments. It releases users from guessing how much money they’ll have left at the end of the month.

What is more, the longer the clients use Revolut, the more accurate their estimated spendings will be. For example, they will be able to see whether they’re on track to meet the budget if they set it up. If the indicator goes red, it means clients are heading towards exceeding the budget.

Revolut also added indicators to certain spikes for Android users (iOS users coming soon), making it easy to see whether it was rent, travel, groceries, etc.

For those who don’t want to track their spending from the 1st of the month, the update allows choosing when users’ monthly analytics cycle starts.

In addition to that, clients will be able to create custom categories and move related transactions around as they like.


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