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Revolut launched new app for Business

Revolut is giving away 10,000 free corporate cards to support the launch of the new app

Revolut launched new app for Business. Source:

Popular challenger bank Revolut announced the launch of its new business app. According to the official announcement, the new app allows customers to:

  • Track their corporate card spending in real-time;
  • View their card details and PIN on the go;
  • Freeze or unfreeze their card if it’s misplaced;
  • Receive instant spending notifications after every card payment.

The bank’s team is currently building more features including attaching receipts, categorized payments, etc.

Moreover, Revolut decided to support the rollout of the business app with a giveaway of 10,000 free corporate cards until the 22nd February 2019.

With our individual corporate cards, you can see exactly who spent what, in real-time — saving time at the end of the month when you're (no longer) chasing people up for receipts!

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