Revolut’s Airport Lounges feature and how it works

Everything you need to know about Revolut’s Airport Lounges

Revolut’s Airport Lounges

Revolut’s Airport Lounges feature and how it works. Source:

As you may or may not know, online-only bank Revolut has launched the Airport Lounges feature. This product is accessible through their mobile application. The developers of this product have said that the major aim is to make the lives of their clients more comfortable and facilitate the stressful airport experience.

Indeed, what do passengers normally face when they need to spend some time waiting for their flight? Inconvenient plastic seats, slow WiFi that is not able to load a simple webpage (if there even is WiFi that works), crowds of people that are trying to connect to the same network, thus the question of a poor connection and/or impossibility to connect to this very network arises, terminals full of travelers who want to leave as soon as possible, enormous queues, expensive (if not to say priceless) meals, and it is hardly a complete list of what people associate with the airport waiting to experience. And actually, we can hardly say they are wrong.

Revolut’s developers claimed that this feature has been created in order to solve all these issues, and PaySpace Magazine has considered this product. So, let’s see what the Airport Lounges option is, and how helpful it can be.

How does it work?

Now, we have figured out what this feature is. The next question is how this option works. First, Revolut has announced that they are partnering with Collinson Group, which is known as one of the most famous providers of Lounge access solutions. Revolut representatives believe that this partnership will help to create a seamless experience for Revolut clients if we are talking about a plane trip. Second, the new feature works through a LoungeKey Pass. However, this option is available for Premium and Metal users only.

You may ask what do Premium and Metal Revolut users get in return? It will be possible for them to search for and access over one thousand business lounges in airports all around the world. If you think that it is some sort of complicated system, we can assure you it is not. Everything can be accomplished in no more than a few clicks, and it will not take longer than a couple of minutes. Furthermore, all the process is done straight from the Revolut app, which shows a user particular details for each lounge, including photos, WiFi, bar locations, conference rooms, and opening times.

LoungeKey Pass and its usage

How to use Revolut’s Airport Lounges feature. Source:

If you have ever used airport lounge services, you may know that most of them ask passengers to carry an additional card with them. Revolut representatives say that it sounds odd and unnecessary, to say the least. Let’s see how Revolut intends to solve this issue. The system works as follows: every pass generates a unique QR code directly in the app, so once a traveler has arrived at the airport, they just show their smartphone at the lounge reception. Thus, a user enters the territory of joy and comfort and will be able to taste a cocktail (or maybe a couple of beverages) and have a decent rest in comfy chairs.

What if I’m Travelling with family or friends?

Revolut’s Airport Lounges feature can be used by a group of travelers. Source:

The next issue is what to do if you are not traveling alone (it could be family members or a friend). Revolut developers thought this through as well. There is an option to add friends or members of the family to your booking and get passes for everyone. Thus, in just a couple of clicks, you’ll provide your travel companion(s) with decent lounge conditions. Now, we’ll uncover the technical aspects of this feature. Each pass generates its own unique QR code. Then, you will be able to share it with your group through the app or with a simple screenshot.

Revolut’s Airport Lounges: Price

As we’ve mentioned above, the Airport Lounges feature is available for Revolut Metal and Premium customers only. Consequently, Metal users are able to order their first single entry LoungeKey Pass free of charge. Nevertheless, all further passes will be not toll-free, and a user will have to pay a flat rate of £22 (or currency equivalent) per single pass. This option is not available for standard clients at all. Therefore, if they want to use it, they will have to upgrade to either Premium or Metal.

Here’s how to buy Lounge Passes with Revolut’s Airport Lounges. Source:

To buy Lounge Passes, go to the “Lounges” section in the “More” tab of the application. You can buy a Lounge Pass for both yourself and your travel companion(s).

Where exactly a LoungeKey Pass can be used?

You can use your LoungeKey Pass at no less than one thousand airport lounges all over the world. Thus, when you get a pass, you will be able to use it at any of the available lounges, regardless of where the airports are based. Furthermore, you can pre-book as many lounges as you’d like.

However, the new feature still leaves a couple of issues.

First, users are eager to know the particular list of accessible lounges. “More than 1000 lounges” sounds good, but is still a little vague. People used to say such undefined things when they have nothing to say or show.

Revolut’s Airport Lounges

What if most of the lounges from that list are located in countries you’re not going to visit (we don’t want to name specific countries, but still there are some parts of the world that don’t have as many visitors as European or Northern America countries).

Revolut’s Airport Lounges

Second, clients are really concerned about prices. For example, let’s consider prices for the lounge in Copenhagen, Denmark (not the cheapest country, by the way):

Revolut offers access to four lounges at DKK 210 each. Price at the entrance at these four lounges are:

  • Aspire Lounge: DKK 160 (31% more expensive with Revolut);
  • Aviator Lounge: DKK 155 (35% more expensive with Revolut);
  • Eventyr Lounge: DKK 250 (16% cheaper with Revolut);
  • Prime class Lounge: DKK 229 (8% cheaper with Revolut).

Revolut’s Airport Lounges

The next example is Dublin Airport, where the lounge costs €25, while Revolut’s pass costs €28. Frankly, we say this is true for most of the world’s airports.

Revolut’s Airport Lounges

Moreover, some users compared Revolut’s feature to Barclays Bank’s travel pack (about £10-12 a month), where you get worldwide travel insurance and 6 passes to some decent lounges per year.

A lot of clients upgraded to Premium and Metal, but most of them are disappointed since they see no point in this new feature. Some other users have said they feel cheated because upgrading to Metal just for one free pass is not what they expected.

Revolut’s Airport Lounges

Thus, we hope Revolut will consider the comments of the clients, and this offer is not the final one. Considering all the pros and cons, we also believe that they need some serious updates if we are talking about this feature.


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