SambaNova’s Dataflow-as-a-Service Awarded as the Best Big Data Deep Learning/AI Solution

The 2022 Tech Ascension Awards recognised Dataflow-as-a-Service product as the “Best Big Data Deep Learning/AI Solution”



The 2022 Tech Ascension Awards recognised the Dataflow-as-a-Service product created by SambaNova Systems as the best solution in the category “Big Data Deep Learning/AI”.

The annual award regularly identifies B2B and B2C companies that create cutting-edge, innovative technologies to solve critical challenges in their respective markets.

SambaNova is a developer of comprehensive software, hardware, and solutions platform to run Artificial Intelligence (AI), deep learning, and foundation models.

Its Dataflow-as-a-Service solution is an integrated full-stack platform for AI, complete with deep learning and foundation models accessed through simple APIs. The company claims organisations using the platform can accelerate and scale their AI and deep learning capabilities by 22x. Therefore, state-of-the-art deep learning systems can be deployed in weeks instead of years.

Each model is pre-trained, reducing the need for heavy investment and time from the customer’s data science team. At the same time, deep learning and foundation models can also be customised to a particular industry or an organisation’s specific application.


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