Same-day-delivery is no longer available in Germany: reason revealed

DPD discontinued same-day-delivery already in 2019

same-day-delivery Germany

Same-day-delivery is no longer available in Germany: reason revealed. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, major parcel service providers in Germany have stopped offering same-day-delivery because the demand is just too low.

Although major logistics companies such as Hermes and DHL have largely given up on this, Amazon continues its same-day delivery for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Hermes is said to have removed same-day-delivery from its offer at the end of 2020. According to Hermes’ spokeswoman, Birte Ayhan-Lange, customers are less interested in having the delivery with them on the same day.

They think it’s more important to be informed properly when exactly the delivery will arrive. Hermes is now busy improving its delivery window and the accompanying notifications.

As to DHL, stopped offering same-day-delivery last year. The company also sees an opportunity for improving the shipment notifications and is working on optimizing the delivery window as well.

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