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Samsung joins «Partnership on AI»

The organization currently has more than 70 partners, including major global companies and human rights groups specializing in AI


Samsung joins «Partnership on AI». Source:

According to the company’s blog post, Samsung Electronics joined the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society (PAI) to develop safe and reliable AI services and products. The company will participate in AI safety research and advancement along with more than 70 global organizations across academia, civil society, and industry.

Founded in 2016, PAI is a technology industry consortium that conducts research and discussion, shares insights, provides thought leadership, identifies new areas for AI application, and creates informational materials to advance the understanding of AI technologies.

As a member of PAI, Samsung will join one of its working groups, Collaboration Between People and AI Systems, and research possible collaboration between humans and AI. The company also plans to participate in research on topics including safety, transparency, and the social and economic impacts of AI.

Samsung now has a network of seven Global AI Centers in Seoul, Silicon Valley, New York, Cambridge, Moscow, Toronto, and Montreal.

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