Saudi Arabian Startups to Watch in 2024

As we progress into the digital age, the startup ecosystem in Saudi Arabia is undergoing a swift and remarkable transformation. The year 2024 stands out as a particularly noteworthy period in this evolving landscape due to the emergence of an array of innovative companies that span a variety of sectors.

Saudi Arabian Startups to Watch in 2024

These startups encompass a broad spectrum of industries, including digital marketplaces and financial technology, commonly known as fintech. Each one of these unique enterprises is playing a pivotal role in revolutionizing the business scene in Saudi Arabia, setting new precedents and benchmarks in the region. They are collectively contributing to a vibrant and dynamic commercial environment that is redefining the way business is conducted. Given their potential and the impact they are poised to have, it’s advisable to monitor these promising ventures closely. Therefore, we strongly recommend keeping a watchful eye on these top ten Saudi Arabian startups as they continue to chart their growth trajectories in the year 2024.


Established in the year 2018, Sary has rapidly emerged as a leading figure in the Business-to-Business (B2B) marketplace within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The unique strength of Sary lies in its ability to seamlessly connect a broad spectrum of small and medium-sized enterprises with a diverse range of wholesalers and manufacturers. This is achieved by leveraging cutting-edge technology to simplify and optimize the supply chain processes.

Sary’s innovative platform has provided invaluable assistance to over 70,000 businesses, bolstering efficiency and productivity. Moreover, the company has been successful in expanding its influence beyond Saudi Arabia, marking its presence in other regions such as Egypt and Pakistan. This regional expansion showcases Sary’s ambition and capability to cater to a broader market.

Fuelled by a significant funding of $112.5 million, Sary’s groundbreaking approach to digitizing and streamlining the procurement process has set a new benchmark for efficient distribution networks. This is particularly evident in the sector of fast-moving consumer goods, where speed and efficiency are of paramount importance.

ACWA Power

ACWA Power, a key player in Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy sector, exhibits a strong commitment to the design, creation, and operation of power and water desalination plants. This commitment significantly bolsters the country’s efforts towards sustainable energy. With a focus on the use of renewable resources, ACWA Power has become a major contributor to the regional energy framework, substantially aiding Saudi Arabia’s national aim of reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Their meticulously planned and executed projects not only supply the regional grid with dependable and efficient energy but also establish new benchmarks in environmental sustainability. This is achieved through the implementation of innovative technologies and practices that prioritize environmental conservation.

The influence of ACWA Power’s work, however, is not limited to energy production. They play an active role in promoting environmentally friendly practices within the community and the industry at large. They are advocates for the transition towards renewable resources in the region, highlighting the potential for cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions.


Tamara, a rising force in Saudi Arabia’s fintech sector, is revolutionising the market through its unique and innovative financial solutions. The platform’s services are not only flexible and user-friendly but are also specifically designed to meet the growing needs and demands of the market.

One of the standout features of Tamara’s platform is its “buy now, pay later” options. This feature is increasingly appealing to a broad spectrum of consumers. By enhancing the shopping experience and providing crucial liquidity options, Tamara is offering a service that is both innovative and necessary in the current economic climate.

This strategic approach does more than just guarantee a seamless purchasing process for customers. It also provides considerable benefits to businesses, primarily by significantly boosting sales volumes. This win-win situation is a testament to Tamara’s forward-thinking business model and dedication to progress.


Payllion is leading a revolution in the way small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Saudi Arabia tackle the crucial issues of fraud detection and expense management. The platform brings to the table innovative solutions that serve a dual purpose – not only do they safeguard the finances of these SMBs, but they also vastly simplify the often complex task of tracking expenses.

In an era where digital transactions are rapidly becoming the norm, the services provided by Payllion have evolved into an essential tool for businesses. Their offerings enable businesses to mount an effective defense against the ever-present threat of fraud and to manage their finances with greater efficiency and control.

The genius of Payllion lies in its successful merging of security and financial management. This unique approach not only leads to significant operational improvements for SMBs, but it also instills a greater level of confidence among business owners when it comes to handling their digital transactions.

Red Sea

Red Sea is paving the path for revolutionary advancements in the agricultural sector within Saudi Arabia. Their main focus lies in the development and application of innovative farming techniques that utilize saltwater, a method that is specifically designed to cater to and overcome the unique challenges posed by agriculture in arid regions. This strategic approach has positioned Red Sea as a beacon of sustainability and food security, demonstrating how a resource as commonplace as saltwater can be harnessed in a transformative manner.

By employing saltwater in their farming processes, the company not only contributes to the preservation of valuable freshwater supplies, but also opens up new possibilities for agricultural development in areas where freshwater is a scarce commodity. This resourceful approach to farming presents an ingenious solution to one of the most pressing issues in agriculture today.

Red Sea’s technology represents a significant leap forward in the realm of sustainable farming. It facilitates crop growth in the most harsh and inhospitable conditions, all the while reducing the negative impact on the environment. This emphasis on creating a balance between productivity and sustainability is a testament to Red Sea’s commitment to pioneering solutions that benefit both people and the planet.


Zod is pioneering a revolution in the banking industry for families residing in Saudi Arabia. They’re spearheading this transformation by launching a neobank, a digital-only bank that is specifically tailored to cater to the nuanced needs of both parents and children. This cutting-edge platform strategically addresses and efficiently fills the glaring gap that currently exists between the traditional, outdated banking systems and the progressive, evolving financial needs of modern families in today’s digital age. It accomplishes this by offering services that are not only straightforward and easy to use, but also by providing valuable resources for financial education.

Zod’s banking philosophy extends far beyond the mere task of money management. It’s rooted in a deeper ambition, one that seeks to promote financial literacy amongst its younger users, thus contributing to the overall growth of the community. This is achieved by fostering an environment where parents can effectively and creatively educate their children about the intricacies of financial management, from the basic principles of saving and spending to the more complex aspects of investment and wealth accumulation.


Nana is a trailblazer in the realm of online grocery shopping in Saudi Arabia, completely transforming the conventional approaches to this everyday task. Harnessing the power of technology, their ground-breaking system provides a practical and efficient solution for customers to obtain their daily necessities without stepping foot outside their homes.

Nana prioritizes the user experience above all, offering not just an extensive range of items to choose from, but also guaranteeing quick delivery and hassle-free order processes. The ease of use and convenience offered by Nana turns the often tedious task of grocery shopping into a simple and pleasant experience.

The meteoric growth of Nana as a startup can be attributed to its ability to effectively respond to the mounting demand for home delivery services. This demand has been fuelled by a shift in consumer habits and an increasing preference for digital platforms in the wake of the digital revolution. Nana has been successful in tapping into these trends and delivering services that are perfectly aligned with these evolving requirements.


Sirdab, an innovative and forward-thinking company, is dramatically transforming the landscape of inventory management for businesses in the bustling economic hub of Saudi Arabia. Their all-encompassing, robust platform, designed specifically for the handling, storage, management, and seamless transportation of goods, effectively addresses a critical and long-standing need in the complex world of logistics and supply chain industry.

By ingeniously streamlining inventory processes, Sirdab is not merely simplifying operations but also making them more efficient, less time-consuming, and remarkably more streamlined. This, in turn, leads to a significant reduction in overhead costs, a boon for companies aiming to streamline their operations and cut down on unnecessary expenses, thereby improving their bottom line.

The innovative, disruptive approach that Sirdab takes towards inventory management is a clear reflection of the increasing significance and reliance on logistics technology in the contemporary business landscape. It is a powerful tool that assists firms in staying abreast of the rapidly changing market conditions, ensuring their competitive advantage in a highly dynamic and competitive business environment.


Salla, a trailblazing e-commerce platform, is making noteworthy strides in the rapidly evolving Saudi Arabian e-commerce sector. Recognizing the need for smooth transitions from traditional to online retail, Salla provides businesses with an effortless solution to create, manage, and expand their online stores.

Their user-friendly yet sophisticated tools are designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs, enabling them to enter and thrive in the digital economy with ease. Salla’s comprehensive services encompass all aspects of online retail, from intuitive website design and secure payment gateway integration to real-time sales tracking and inventory management. These services are meticulously designed to alleviate the often overwhelming shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online retail.

Salla prides itself on its commitment to simplicity and extensive customer support, both of which have become its defining features. This dedication to customer satisfaction makes Salla the go-to option for businesses seeking to create or amplify their presence in the online marketplace.


Emerging as a key player in Saudi Arabia’s fintech sector, Nearpay is redefining the financial landscape with its innovative, user-friendly solutions that prioritize accessibility and convenience. The platform has been meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of the unbanked and underbanked communities, offering them a suite of essential financial services that were previously out of reach.

The range of services offered by Nearpay extends beyond conventional offerings, featuring straightforward payment options that cater to a diverse user base. This feature alone stands as a testament to Nearpay’s commitment to simplifying financial transactions and making them more accessible to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic status.

The startup’s steadfast dedication to financial inclusivity deserves applause. It aims to bridge the substantial credit gap experienced by small and informal businesses, a challenge that has long been a bottleneck to their growth and prosperity. By offering user-friendly financial services, Nearpay is removing the hurdles that these businesses often face, thereby fostering their growth and contribution to the economy.

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