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Seamless Middle East 2024 Conference (Dubai): Photo Report

Seamless Middle East 2024 (Free Middle East 2024) is the 24th conference held at the Dubai World Trade Center. It brings together entrepreneurs from all over the world under one roof. We have a photo report from the scene.

This year’s event, which will last three busy days (from May 14 to 16), gathered more than 25,000 visitors, 750+ exhibitors, and more than 500 speakers.

As the largest event of its kind in the region, Seamless Middle East serves as a platform for the convergence of banking and financial services, logistics, identity, retail and e-commerce ecosystems. It’s a place where leaders from large enterprises, SMEs, startups, NGOs, regulators and governments come together, actively collaborating to shape the future of digital commerce. This spirit of cooperation makes this a truly revolutionary year.

Seamless Middle East brings together an impressive line-up of speakers, including Revolut Head of Strategy, Ashley Thomas, JP MORGAN’s CEEMEA Co-Head of Payments and Sales Malika Beri, AI expert and author of Surviving AI Calum Chace and many more.

In five sessions, the world’s leading experts will discuss various topics, particularly the future of banking and payments. Mirna Sleiman moderated a panel on “Shaping the Banking Industry with Generative AI,” featuring Abdelrahman Ahmed, Noman Rasheed, Ali Imran, Sridhar Iyer, Sateesh Kumar Challa, and Jasmine Yu.

Francesco Burelli spearheaded a dialogue on “Mainstream Digital Payments,” accompanied by Garry Ceaplen, Neeraj Makin, Motasim Iqbal, and Devid Jegerson. Guiding a panel on “Prime Time for Real Time Transactions” was Mark Rennie Davis, with speakers Vishal Tikyani, Mahesh Nagavalli, Andrew Mc Cormack, Nader Abdelrazik, Anupam Pahuja, and Ahmed Al-Ben Saleh. Nina Huelsken facilitated an interview dissecting “DLT Based Applications in the Financial Sector,” featuring Angela Di Maria. Steering a panel conversation on “Intelligent Decisioning with AI and Machine Learning” was Tina Charisma, with Karim Hajjaji, Mohamed Abdel-Razek, Fatmah Boathman, and Fernando Plaza as panellists. These sessions provide invaluable insights into the dynamic landscape of banking and payments.

During the thrilling three-day span, attendees at Seamless Middle East explored the bustling exhibition hall showcasing numerous top-tier brands while also delving into complimentary conference sessions and workshops like the University of E-Commerce, the Launch Pad, and the Start-up Stories Stage.

Thanks to the ingenious application, conference participants seamlessly engaged in keynote sessions, panel discussions, and an exhilarating startup competition. This facilitated vibrant communication and the forging of invaluable connections with industry titans and experts.



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