Security goes back to basics post COVID-19: IT priorities 

The pandemic has played an eye-opening part in determining major defects regarding cybersecurity in organizational attitudes


Security goes back to basics post COVID-19: IT priorities. Source:

According to, the most widespread projects in IT were related to security and online data protection, governance, risk, and multifactor authentication.

This immediately resulted in a significant increase in budgets across the board specifically related to security projects. 77% of respondents told that the investments towards security and cyber risk management were justifiable easily amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. And 7 out of 10 respondents said the same for backup and disaster recovery solutions.

When asked about this increasing attention towards cybersecurity in the boards, Santha Subramoni, head of cybersecurity at TCS, told that pandemic has been a forcing transformation for security professionals in tech companies.

The pandemic forced these companies to upgrade their infrastructures, such as modernizing their security controls and developing a remote working culture, which they had been ignoring off for a very long time.

She further stated that the forced transformation has led to many positive changes and is helping us to evolve and future-proof our tech industry.

The data reported that 49% planned to spend on training, 45% planned to spend on governance while 30% planned investment on fraud detection systems and tools when asked about which risk-based security initiatives they are planning to deploy in the next 12 months.

Looking ahead to 2021, a key theme in data is increased interest in people-centric security, with investment priorities for the next 12 months now fixed firmly on end-user training and securing endpoints.

We’ve reported that almost 60% of organizations have faced an increased number of disruptive attacks during 2019.


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