Spanish government revealed when it’s going to reopen tourism sector

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Spain tourism sector

Spanish government revealed when tourism sector will be reopened. Source:

According to Anadolu Agency, Spain aims to reopen its tourism sector when it achieves a COVID-19 vaccination rate of 30-40%.

The authorities are hopeful that this could be accomplished this spring to boost the affected sectors. In fact, the country is expected to receive 5 million doses from Pfizer in April along with other COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna, AstraZeneca, and the 1-dose Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine.

At the time of writing, Spain has administered 8.3 million COVID-19 vaccine doses. So far, 2.7 million residents have received a second jab representing 5.9% of the population. If all the coronavirus vaccine doses are received as per the schedule, the country will vaccinate everyone over 45 years old by July.

As of April 1, Spain recorded over 7 thousand news cases. Nevertheless, the rate of new cases has reduced, compared to the situation in January with more than 30 thousand recorded coronavirus cases.

Despite the low number of cases, the mortality rate is still high, with almost 865 deaths being reported in the country on April 1. So far, COVID-19 caused the deaths of over 75 thousand people across Spain.

PaySpace Magazine anticipates that the opening of the Spanish tourism sector in nearest future is possible if the vaccination rate will exceed over 70%.

So far, the COVID-19 vaccination program in the EU Member States has been a disaster due to the fact it is slow. That’s because it has been affected by the delivery delays while the level of people infected kept rising.

Thus, Spain should increase the vaccination rate and ensure the number of new cases keeps falling. Last but not least, COVID-19 vaccination certificates are necessary for reviving the tourism sector by guaranteeing the person has a smaller risk of getting sick.

We’ve reported that the COVID-19 vaccine could be mandatory for employees.


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