Starling Adds Virtual Debit Cards to Pay from Savings Spaces

UK Customers of the Starling Bank can now create dedicated ‘Saving Spaces’ for different kinds of expenditure and set up separate virtual cards to pay from the saved funds

Starling virtual cards

Spending your savings becomes more convenient with Starling virtual cards. Source:

Starling Bank in the UK introduced virtual cards connected to Saving Spaces instead of the main account balance. Each virtual card receives a unique card number, CVV number and expiry date (a decade away). The cards can also be customised with different colours.

‘Saving Spaces’ can cater for up to five different kinds of expenditure, e.g. vehicle-related costs, holiday spending or education. It could help customers better stick to their budgets. When the Space budget is scarce, your virtual card will decline a transaction instead of dipping into the main balance.

In addition, virtual cards add extra security to purchases. For instance, paying at a new website for a purchase has fewer threats, as the card details are only linked to the money in your Space, not your main balance.

Virtual cards can be used for both online and offline shopping. In addition, Starling customers can use Bills Manager to pay Direct Debits, subscriptions and standing orders from a dedicated Space. It would help spot price fluctuations and better manage regular payments.

Starling clients can create and use virtual cards with their personal current accounts. The option isn’t currently available for joint or business accounts.


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