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Starling Bank partnered with rent recognition platform

Starling Bank partners with CreditLadder to help renters get on the property ladder

Starling Bank partnered with rent recognition platform. Source:

Starling, the leading digital bank, has partnered with CreditLadder, the UK’s largest rent recognition platform.

CreditLadder will enable Starling customers to use their monthly rental payments to build their credit history. By proving to lenders and credit reference agencies that they can pay their rent both reliably and on time, those using the service could gain access to better rates on a range of financial products – such as mortgages, loans, credit cards and mobile phones.

The first-of-its-kind integration allows Starling customers to use the service directly through Starling’s Marketplace feature. In a compelling example of Open Banking in action, the service will be providing faster access to the CreditLadder’s offers without the need to navigate away from Starling’s app.

CreditLadder becomes the latest partner to join Starling’s in-app Marketplace, which launched in February 2018.

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