Stellantis to Turn Vehicle Data into Apps and Services

The global automaker and mobility provider Stellantis introduces an independent business unit, dedicated to data as a service (DaaS) business, innovative B2B products, applications and services


Image: Stellantis

As a part of its long-term ambitious strategic plan “Dare Foreward 2030”, Stellantis has presented a new ‘Mobilisights’ Business Unit. The new division will concentrate on data-as-a-service solutions for private businesses, public-sector utilities, education and research institutions, etc.

The automaker possesses loads of precious data and insights generated by its millions of connected vehicles. The idea is to transform this data into applications and services that customers might want. For example, the information collected from sensors on Stellantis cars, trucks and SUVs could be used to provide personalised usage-based insurance, detect road hazards and provide real-time data on traffic.

Considering that such data might be useful for a wide range of industries, including fintech, the company plans to create innovative B2B apps and services and sell them to interested parties. Mobilisights is supposed to become a key contributor to the €20 billion in incremental annual revenues the company aims to make on software-related services by 2030.

Stellantis plans to have about 34 million connected vehicles by the end of the decade. The company claims it will manage exclusive vehicle and related data “within a very strict data governance and privacy policy.”

Thus, services for external customers will use anonymised and aggregated data. The company might potentially share personal data of customers, but it would be required only for the specific services of their choosing and with their explicit consent. Besides, customers can opt out of information being collected, used or shared, even after they have given their consent once.


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