Study reveals challenges for COVID-19 vaccine adoption

Research has found out the main barriers to COVID-19 vaccine acceptance

COVID-19 vaccine

Study reveals challenges for COVID-19 vaccine adoption. Source:

Consulting firm Avenue Group conducted a series of in-depth one-on-one telephone interviews with doctors, nurses, and the general public. That would help to better understand what needs to occur for Americans to feel comfortable choosing the COVID-19 vaccine.

The World Health Organization evaluated that 65% to 75% of the population – it’s over 200 million Americans – must have antibodies, by taking a vaccine or through recovering from the virus, in order to achieve herd immunity.

Only half of participants told us that they are likely to take a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccine safety and side effects are viewed as the most important factors driving the vaccination decision. Two thirds of those not likely to take the vaccine doubt the safety of it. These are concerning issues that need to be addressed by policy leaders and health expertsrnrn
Jeremy Greenberg, Avenue Group Founder

Avenue Group has found that women are more often gatekeepers in households and are less likely to receive the COVID-19 vaccine than men.

Meanwhile, more than a third of doctors and nurses do not yet support vaccination, and some do not consider the doctor’s recommendations essential and are afraid of new vaccines.

According to the survey, Joe Biden’s President-elect victory had a net positive influence on vaccination acceptance. Half of Biden’s voters said the upcoming surveillance of Biden’s forthcoming oversight of distribution makes them more likely to take it. At the same time, Trump voters said their decision on the vaccine was not influenced by the presidential elections.

We’ve reported that Interpol has issued a global alert to law enforcement agencies in 194 participating countries to prepare for organized criminality networks targeting COVID-19 vaccines.


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