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Swedish e-commerce player expands to 30 new markets

iDeal of Sweden is expecting to double its revenue this year

Swedish e-commerce player expands to 30 new markets. Source:

iDeal of Sweden is expecting to double its revenue this year and is now investing heavily in its e-commerce operations, Ecommerce News reports. The smartphone accessories retailer has moved to a new e-commerce platform and is ready to open the business in over 30 new markets.

iDeal of Sweden was founded in 2013 and generated a turnover of 45 million euros last year. For this year, the retailer is expecting to reach 100 million euros of revenue. Most of that money should come from their new e-commerce website, in which they heavily invested.

The previous e-commerce website ran on Woocommerce, but is now making use of Centra, a Swedish e-commerce platform that wants to expand internationally. As a result from the new e-commerce website, the online store of iDeal of Sweden has a new design, an improved technical architecture with support for fast implementation on new marketing, languages, currencies, warehouses and more.

The Swedish phone case brand is now better able to scale up its e-commerce operations. The idea is to be active in some 30 new markets later this year.

Aside from the international expansion, iDeal of Sweden is also expanding its e-commerce team. Currently, the company from Sweden recruits three or four new positions every month. As of today, the team consists of 85 people, but is forecast to grow to over 130 employees by the end of this year.

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