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The largest pool of patient growth capital to launch in Italy

The pool of patient capital supporting the growth of high-quality Italian SME clients could amount up to €2 billion

The largest pool of patient growth capital to launch in Italy. Source:

UniCredit has announced the launch of the largest pool of patient growth capital in Italy (up to €2 billion).

Alongside a number of prominent investment managers, the platform represents a pledge to support the growth of high-quality Italian SME clients by providing them with access to an alternative and more flexible source of capital.

This initiative is dedicated to companies across traditional sectors of Italian excellence – including industrials, aerospace, packaging, technology, pharmaceuticals, design and food & beverage – focusing on clients in need of equity capital to accelerate their medium to long-term expansion plans.

In alignment with standard SME growth strategies, the panel of investors will deploy patient capital by holding minority stakes over a longer time horizon than typical private equity instruments. This will be delivered alongside strategic advisory and business development support.

The panel of select investment managers will include Italian and international investors, with a strong track record and presence in the Italian market, coupled with the ability and willingness to invest over the longer term – a strategy well suited to targeted companies.

The initiative will be first rolled out in the Italian market, where the need for patient growth capital is most pressing. Similar initiatives will subsequently be rolled out in other geographies, such as Germany and Central and Eastern Europe.

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