The leading marketplace in the Nordics becomes independent

CDON is the leading marketplace in the Nordics, with nearly 1.8 million customers

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The leading marketplace in the Nordics becomes independent. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, CDON, the Nordic marketplace announced to move out of Qliro Group and become an independent company, while another retailer Nelly will remain. This way, Qliro Group will be renamed Nelly Group.

Qliro Group wanted to change its name to Nelly Group due to the fact that CDON has exceeded their expectations, whereas Nelly’s performance hasn’t been satisfactory.

As of 2019, the Nordic e-commerce group saw its net sales decrease from €309 million to €279 million, while the company’s operating profit totaled -€8.96 million.

The group is clearly less satisfied with the financial performance of online fashion retailer Nelly.

We are, of course, not satisfied and are taking active measures. Nelly is focusing its operations on the Nordic market, and outside the Nordics we will reduce our own sales efforts and drive sales through other channels, such as Zalando. We will also continue to reduce inventory levels and will reduce the administrative organization with about 25 full-time employees. These measures will take us back to profitable growth
Marcus Lindqvist, President and CEO of Qliro Group


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