The number of online shoppers in Hungary increased

Hungary has 5.4 million online shoppers

The number of online shoppers in Hungary increased. Source:

Almost 5.4 million people in Hungary shopped online at least once in the past twelve months, a new survey shows. According to Ecommerce News, this means that 91% of adult internet users in Hungary made an online purchase recently.

Research firm eNet conducted a new survey, which shows that since the last survey in May 2017, the number of online shoppers in Hungary increased by 800,000 to 5.4 million people.

Most Hungarian shoppers (58%) ordered mobile phones and accessories online, while buying clothes (57%) and toys & gifts (53%) are also very popular product categories online.

Ecommerce in Hungary has increased by about 18% last year and currently accounts for 4.5% of the country’s total retail sales. Recent research by eNet shows that e-commerce in Hungary was worth 1.65 billion euros in 2017. And Hungarian online shoppers also spent about 1.21 billion euros at foreign e-commerce websites.

There are now about 3.1 million Hungarian people more who have made online orders from abroad. This corresponds to 58% of all online shoppers in the Eastern European country. They shop at foreign online giants such as Amazon or Aliexpress because of lower prices and a wider assortment.

About one in two people (51%) prefer to pay with non-cash, while 19% like to pay with cash. The proportion of people who like both is almost unchanged at 30%.

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