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TikTok Comment Issue: Insights into Comments Not Appearing in 2024

Are you unable to interact with your audience because of the dreadful TikTok comment glitch? At GCG Media, we understand the importance of TikTok comments in maintaining and deepening user engagement. Advertisers are unable to engage and nurture their leads with TikTok comments not loading, rendering the campaign ineffective.

TikTok Comment Issue: Insights into Comments Not Appearing in 2024

We’ve helped innumerable clients address the issue of TikTok comments not showing by identifying the root cause, such as technical errors or excessive spamming. Our detailed guide will help you understand the issues behind TikTok comments disappearing and how you can fix this issue with simple strategies.

Issues behind the TikTok Comment Glitch

Why can’t I see comments on TikTok? Here’s a question we’ve been asked hundreds of times, most by creators who don’t understand how TikTok regulates posts, comments and user interactions within its community. The TikTok comment glitch occurs due to multiple issues, primarily the user’s lack of adherence to the community guidelines and behaviors that get flagged by the AI-powered algorithms.

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Here are some reasons that lead to TikTok comments not showing:

1. Violating the Content Policies

Have you been using banned keywords that incite violence or reference to sexually illicit behaviors in your comments? Do your comments contain hate speech or derogatory comments targeting a specific religion or ethnicity? If yes, you shouldn’t be surprised to see TikTok comments disappearing or taking too long to load.

TikTok doesn’t take long to restrict commenting and posting activities for users who violate its community guidelines and policies. The platform has a highly sophisticated AI-driven network of flagging inappropriate content and comments that don’t align with the policies are restricted. Repeat violations can lead to serious restrictions, such as delayed review process for posts and a permanent ban.

2. Someone Reported your TikTok Comments

TikTok, like all other social media platforms, allows its users to report comments they find insulting or offensive. If you’re worried about certain TikTok comments disappearing, it’s likely that comment was reported and the support team removed it in response.

Once a user reports a comment, the team hides it temporarily to initiate a review process. The comment may reappear if no violations have been committed. But if the comment violates TikTok’s policies, the platform can impose further restrictions on the account.

3. Technical TikTok Comment Glitch

TikTok is riddled with technical errors and the TikTok comment glitch can be particularly frustrating for advertisers who closely align their content strategies with the community guidelines.

TikTok’s AI-powered algorithms are prone to error, and this issue first came to light in 2021 when creators supporting the Black Lives Matter movement were overwhelmed with the faulty hate speech flagging tool. If you notice TikTok comments not loading or disappearing, it’s likely a technical error is temporarily restricting the visibility of your comments.

4. Spamming Incessantly

Users who have a habit of making repetitive comments while promoting their products or making the same comment on multiple posts often struggle with TikTok comments not showing. TikTok actively combats spamming behavior to ensure a steady flow of original and unique content to engage its users.

If you spam TikTok posts with irrelevant and repetitive comments, you’re bound to notice TikTok comments disappearing unexplainably.

5. Comments Disabled by Creators

If you notice TikTok comments not loading for specific posts, it’s likely the creators have disabled comments to avoid garnering feedback. TikTok creators reserve the right to moderate their comments section as they see fit. Some seek to avoid negative feedback and hate comments while others dislike spamming and overwhelming user interaction.

6. High Volume of Engagements

At GCG Media, we’ve discovered that many of our clients who witness high engagement for their posts often struggle with the TikTok comment glitch. This typically happens because of the high volume of users interacting with their posts in the form of views, likes, shares and comments. When this happens, the servers often get overwhelmed, resulting in TikTok comments not loading.

Fixing the TikTok Comment Glitch

There are multiple ways to fix the TikTok comment glitch, depending on the underlying reason behind your TikTok comments not showing. Naturally, you cannot proceed with the fix-up strategy if you haven’t identified the exact reason.

Here are some strategies to restore your TikTok comments:

1) Respect & Follow the Community Guidelines

Advertisers and creators cannot enjoy success on TikTok if they neglect embracing the community guidelines. Given TikTok’s strict scrutiny in reviewing posts and comments, creators who violate guidelines are bound to encounter restrictions like TikTok comments not showing. The best way to avoid the TikTok comment glitch is to embrace the guidelines and address violations.

2) Reporting Technical TikTok Comment Glitch

If you’re dealing with a technical TikTok comment glitch, reporting the issue is a straightforward way to seek resolution. Before you submit a report, it’s wise to check TikTok’s social media platforms for updates regarding ongoing technical concerns. If there’s no such update, you can file a report through the app.

Here’s how you can report TikTok comments not showing:

  • Open your TikTok profile.
  • Select the Menu from the top-right corner of the app.
  • Open Settings and Privacy.
  • Click on Support.
  • Select Report a Problem. Here, you need to outline the problem you’re facing with relevant screenshots to explain the issue.

Once you’ve submitted the report, the TikTok support team will review it and work to resolve your issue. This can take around 24-48 hours or longer.

3) Troubleshoot the App

If you notice TikTok comments disappearing and posts stuck in review for excessively long periods, troubleshooting the app can help resolve the issue. However, if you’re facing multiple restrictions, chances are you’re dealing with a temporary or permanent ban.

4) Clear Cache Data

Clearing cache data is another effective approach to resolving the TikTok comment glitch as it allows a fresh start to resume your TikTok journey. Cache data refers to all the temporary files that are stored in our devices. Over time, this data builds up and begins to interfere with the user experience.

Deleting these temporary files frees up space, allowing the app to store new data and updates from the app’s servers. The TikTok support team routinely advises its users to clear cache data to address technical errors like TikTok comments not showing.

5) Review your Privacy Settings

At GCG Media, we’ve dealt with multiple cases where clients struggled with TikTok comments not showing and later realized they had disabled comments or were posting from a private account. These innocent mistakes happen all the time, especially if you’re not thorough about setting up and optimizing your public TikTok profile.

It’s wise to head over to the privacy settings and review all the options you’ve selected. TikTok offers a wealth of tools to allow creators to establish filters and moderate their comment section.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with temporary restrictions like the TikTok comment glitch and delayed reviews can be increasingly frustrating for advertisers vying to secure high ROIs for their advertising spending. At GCG Media, we strongly believe that advertisers and influencers aiming to generate and convert leads must equip themselves with tools dedicated to expanding their reach and boost engagement.

Our TikTok Agency Ad Accounts offer a plethora of resources, templates and tools to curate highly interactive content and expand your reach across 55+ countries worldwide. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our specialized account and how it can boost your lead generation efforts!

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