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Because of the coronavirus induced lockdown, remote working has become very common in different sectors across the world. However, the trend was in place before coronavirus as well. But post COVID-19 outbreak, it has sky-rocketed.

Not just a trend, but it has become a need of the hour. Even if the situations are getting better, it is still not safe to call each and every department in the office space.

The number of remote workers and vacancies for remote workers has increased. Therefore, for the people at the managerial level, it has become very difficult to handle the teams full of remote workers.

So, this article can help you a lot if you are also handling a team of people who are working from home. We will tell you some tips that can make your tasks easier and will help you manage your team in a better way.

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Communication is the key

Undoubtedly, communication is easy when your teamwork together under one roof. You know each and every person’s cubicle and can go and talk to them. Therefore, it is easier to communicate.

However, when your team works remotely, communication is very difficult. You should regularly communicate with each and every member of your team. Call them frequently (only during working hours) and arrange virtual meetings.

It can be tough if you and your team are used to the in-office experience and even get annoyed with your calls. However, the purpose of your calls is different here.

Avoid calling them randomly and call them only regarding some work or asking about some report only during their working hours.

Arrange frequent meetings

In order to discuss different strategies, arrange frequent meetings with your teammates. It will also help you keep yourself connected with them and you’ll get to know about the progress of each task you have assigned to them.

However, do not organize lengthy meetings just like the authentic in-office meetings. We all agree with the fact that we become lazy when we work from home. Therefore, if the duration of the meetings gets longer, the employees will have less time to spend on their work.

Be active and available for most of the time in a day

This can be tough. But do not forget the fact that you have to handle a team in which people may have different working hours in a day. Some might work during the morning hours and some during the night.

What if they require your help in something and you are not available at that time? His or her work will get delayed. It will eventually affect the productivity of your team and employees. Therefore, it is required for you to be available for your team whenever they need you.

Listening to your team is important

It is very important to listen to your teammates. Some of your teammates might feel difficulties while managing their work. Some might be disturbed about the distribution of the work. Some may face issues related to technology and software. This usually happens with freshers or the ones with less experience.

It is always said that good managers are great listeners. This phrase should be kept in mind all the time, especially when you handle a team of remote workers.

Daily check-ins

Daily check-ins for remote teams are very important. And this should be done through video conferencing. Post coronavirus outbreak, the use of software like Zoom, Google Meets, Hangout have increased rapidly. Use such platforms and interact with your employees face-to-face. You should see them working every day (except for the holidays and vice versa).

Celebrations are equally important

Celebration for achieving set targets is as much important for a team of remote workers as it is for the ones working in an office. If possible, arrange meetups for your team, celebrate the birthdays of your employees. If some live far away from your place, celebrate it virtually.

This will help you connect with them in a much better way. An appreciation post on Instagram is much better than an appreciation e-mail.

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