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Top 10 apps that help earn more money working from home

James Dorian

Technical Copywriter


Work from home used to be something unusual.

When you heard that other people were doing it, you imagined a pajama lifestyle. But when you strive to make money, the process is not that relaxing. You still have responsibilities, deadlines, and commitments.

Now, work from home is the new normal. 2020 is the strangest year ever, so the things that we once saw as strange are no longer unusual. Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple, and other giant companies were among the first ones to develop plans for remote workers.

If you found yourself jobless and you want to explore work-from-home options, you’ll need some guidance. Even if you’ve been working from home for a long time, you could still use a boost in your effectiveness.

We’ll list a few money making apps that you can install today.

10 best apps to make money fast while working from home

apps working from home

We’ll list a few money making apps that you can install today. Source:

1. Chronicle

Chronicle is a great finance management app. You need one of those in your life. It’s not just about making money; it’s about using your budget in the most effective way possible.

With this app, you can plan your budget, track your bills, and pay them on time. You can schedule payments, and the app will notify you about due dates.

2. Acorns

Even when you work from home, you still need a financial advisor to instruct you on investments. As one of the best money making apps, Acorns can replace that expert. It gives you features for investment, checking, retirement, and more.

Acorns links to your bank account. With each purchase you make, the app rounds up to the next dollar and invests the change into stocks and bonds. If you buy more items today, you’ll end up investing $5 or $10. It seems like a small amount, but it’s smart saving.

3. Userfeel

If you like browsing the Internet and learning random things, you might as well get paid while doing that. Userfeel is an app that you can install on an Android or iOS device. Your task is to visit and explore the sites that it suggests and give your feedback after testing them with simple tasks.

One test takes 10-20 minutes of your time. You get a solid payment of $10 per test.

4. Earny

Have you ever bought something and saw its price dropping right after? The feeling of disappointment makes you enjoy your new stuff less. You can avoid that scenario thanks to this app.

It alerts you when the prices of items in your wishlist drop. If the price drops even more after you make the purchase, you can claim the difference back.

If you love shopping and you do it anyway, this is one of the easiest apps to make money.

apps working from home

 It’s better to focus on a few apps that you really like. Source:

5. Moonitor

Cryptocurrency investing is a real job, no matter how some people feel about it. But if you’re doing it all alone, you need some assistance from apps to make money. Moonitor is a Mac app that tracks all crypto markets. It will give you reliable reports, which help you purchase or sell crypto at the right moment.

6. Foap

Many photographers miss out on Foap because it takes 50% of the profits from selling a photo. Still, this is one of the best money making apps 2020. That’s because it attracts loads of traffic through the unique content that it features. More website owners opt for Foap instead of the usual stock photos.

If your photos are good, they will sell multiple times. Foap will bring you the customers. If they purchase a photo for $10, you’ll get $5 for it.

7. Toluna

Market research services are among the best apps to make money fast. This one pays out via PayPal. It offers rewards for taking surveys, but you can do much more with it. If you create your own surveys for the products you use, you’ll get bonus points.

Your goal is to influence others to try the products that you love. Still; your reviews have to be honest and believable. Toluna is very good at recognizing fake reviews and filtering them out as spam.

8. Letgo

When looking through the best money making apps 2020, you shouldn’t neglect this one. A lot of money is already in your home; you just don’t see it.

It’s time for getting rid of the clutter. You’ll feel so much lighter, and you’ll earn at the same time. Letgo is an app that uses AI and image recognition technology. It will help you categorize the items that you want to sell, and it will immediately list them for you. Many people across the USA use it, so it’s possible to sell the items really quickly.

apps working from home

You should be aware of the fact that there are plenty of opportunities to earn money. Source:

9. Booksouter

Speaking of clutter, maybe you have books lying around that you don’t plan to read ever again. Yes; emotional attachment to books is a real thing. But you know what? You’ll love them even more when you spread them. Many more people can benefit from the same book if it travels. You won’t mind earning while spreading the wisdom, either.

This is one of the coolest apps to make money by getting the best price for your old books. People will bid on your listings, and you’ll see the best offer at the top.

10. Upwork

We saved the most serious platform as the last one of our suggestions. When looking through the best apps to make money fast, most people are focused on simple tasks. But if you want a real job from home and you can work as a writer, graphic designer, coder, data scientist, or anything else that’s in high demand on the freelance market, you should definitely try Upwork.

The platform charges for each bid. That’s not a bad thing. You’ll pay a small price to bid on projects, but that means that you won’t face clutter; only fair competition. Choose your niche, get trained, and get to work!

You want to work from home? Try the best money making apps 2020!

No; money won’t come flowing at you just because you’re staying home and using the Internet.

However, you should be aware of the fact that there are plenty of opportunities to earn money. They involve some work and effort, which you’re certainly willing to invest.

You don’t have to download and start using all the money-making apps in the world. It’s better to focus on a few that you really like, and spend more time with them.

Out of the 10 apps we listed above, only Chronicle and Acorns are crucial for everyone who works from home. The remaining suggestions are for the actual tasks that bring you money. In that aspect, you’re the one who makes the decisions. It never hurts to test your options!

James Dorian is a technical copywriter. He is a tech geek who knows a lot about modern apps that will make your work more productive. James reads tons of online blogs on technology, business, and ways to become a real pro in our modern world of innovations.


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