Top 10 Bitcoin payment gateways for merchant accounts in 2020

Today, we’ll discuss the best payment gateway solutions on the market and focus on those that support Bitcoin

10 best bitcoin payment gateways

Top 10 Bitcoin payment gateways for merchant accounts in 2020. Source:

The modern world is facing huge changes. This is the perfect time for merchants to adopt new payment options like cryptocurrencies. Only those who offer various payment services will thrive. Using bitcoin merchant services, companies easily transfer funds on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Today, we’ll discuss the best payment gateway solutions on the market and focus on those that support Bitcoin.

Top 10 Bitcoin payment gateways to check out in 2020


This is a global payment service provider that works with merchants from all across the globe. Ikajo offers a fully-integrated payment platform and will be the perfect cryptocurrency payment gateway for those who want to accept cryptocurrencies.

The company has offices in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Sao Paolo, and Riga. Merchants from over 130 countries can use the services as the company keeps growing and expending the influence. The fees start at 1.2% and depend on the kind of service. Ikajo also stands out by offering a built-in fraud and chargeback prevention software.


When you go to this website, you are sure to find this solution very appealing. This payment processor has been on the market for over 7 years. So far, it has over 20 million users worldwide. Such popularity has helped Coinbase to become the top crypto exchange site. Yet, it offers merchant services, too.

The company is fully authorized to complete money transactions in the USA and abroad. It has offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, New York, Tokyo, and London. The fees, however, differ based on the user’s location and the type of the chosen service.

bitcoin payment gateway

Best Bitcoin payment gateways to check out in 2020. Source:

This is the best cryptocurrency payment gateway for high-risk merchants. Aside from cryptocurrencies, the company offers credit card processing and numerous other payment methods. It offers fraud and chargeback prevention system. Many users highly praise their customer support as well as smooth performance. The transaction fee starts at 1.2%, others differ based on the kind of service needed.

PaySpacelv has its main headquarters in Riga, Latvia. However, it offers services to merchants from numerous countries.


Plisio is a cryptocurrency gateway that will allow your business to start accepting crypto in a matter of a few clicks. The gateway offers you the 8 most popular cryptocurrencies and there are even more coming up. With the mass payout feature, Plisio offers you a chance to reduce your costs by saving on fees up to 80%.

A flexible API will allow you, in turn, to set up payment sending and reception as you see fit for your business. Besides, registration and setup won’t take much of your time as the company will not bother you with any paperwork. It offers free of charge registration and a 0.5% transaction fee.

crypto payment gatewayThese payment gateways will help you to accept Bitcoin. Source:


B2BinPay offers a number of solutions to businesses looking for a reputable cryptocurrency payment processing system. In operation since the need for making crypto payments first arose, B2BinPay now serves businesses including forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, hedge funds, and online stores, etc.

With B2BinPay, businesses can send, receive, store, exchange, and accept cryptocurrency payments online, safely, securely, and cost-effectively across the globe, offering two types of accounts depending on the type of business requirement.

B2BinPay provides the lowest industry fees, the ability to convert cryptocurrencies, crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat payments and withdrawals, over 888 coins, tokens and stablecoins available, automatic withdrawals, secure API and sandbox environment availability.


This payment processor lets merchants accept cryptocurrencies with a 1% processing fee. Traders also use this gateway and pay about 3% of the buying or selling transaction. While the company doesn’t offer financial or other regulated services, it’s covered by Lithuanian law. CoinGate is based in Vilnius and doesn’t have any other branches elsewhere.

The app is user-friendly and easily navigated. The merchants can easily set it up to accept cryptocurrency payments. Aside from Bitcoin, the gateway accepts over 40 other cryptocurrencies. The company also offers plenty of plugins and allows adding a Bitcoin payment button right on the website.

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Merchants can opt for Bitcoin with these payment gateways. Source:


This payment gateway is the simplest and most straightforward one. Merchants can pick from numerous plugins and add to different sopping platforms. The company works in different regions all across the globe. It offers superb customer support and user-friendly interface. The fee is 1% for every transaction. The payout happens in USD regardless of the country.

GoCoin is the perfect Bitcoin payment option for those who value simplicity and convenient API.


It’s probably the biggest cryptocurrency payment gateway. The company has penetrated the market and now focuses on letting merchants accept cryptocurrencies as well. For now, there aren’t Bitcoin payments, only buying and selling BTC transactions. Yet, it deserves to be on this list.

The company is completely licensed as a money transmitter in the United States and other countries. Square has offices in San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Atlanta, St Louis, Kitchener Waterloo, Tokyo, Melbourne, London, and Dublin.

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Choose a payment gateway that fulfills your business needs. Source:


There is no doubt this is one of the best payment gateway options for Bitcoin. It offers a unique feature of splitting the payment between cryptocurrencies and fiat. This possibility lets merchants keep some Bitcoin assets and cash in with better prices.

The company managed payments for all countries except Iran and North Korea. The transaction fee is 0.99%. AlfaCoins has no fees for installing the payment gateway or subscription fees. What’s more, it allows choosing the currency for withdrawal between USD and Euro.


This is one of the most trusted payment processor solutions on the market. Over 1000 merchants already use it to accept Bitcoin payments. The advantages of Shopify include easy installation process as well as reliable customer support. This platform also offers plenty of features like integration with Coinbase and other payment options.

To use this payment service, merchants need to create an account. The fees vary on several factors including the chosen payment processor.

Bottom line

The mass adoption of cryptocurrencies makes the above-discussed merchant payment gateway options an essential element of the business. One has to take into account plenty of details to pick the most suitable one. The main factors, however, include usability, costs, Bitcoin payment processor, and customer support.


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