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SoftPOS is a perfect solution for accepting contactless payments on a smartphone without any additional devices. This revolutionary technology helps small business owners to generate sales cost-effectively. The POS software is appropriate for any phone model with an NFC module and the latest OS version. Moreover, the technology is sustainable since no additional hardware consumes energy or wastes paper. Exciting, isn’t it? Therefore, many SoftPOS providers are operating in the market.


Phos was established in 2018 to make payments less complicated. Its proprietary technology is certified by VISA and Mastercard laboratories for functionality and security. It supports any NFC Android phone, bank or acquirer. PHOS also supports the new generation of payment methods, including QR-based e-wallets. The solution integrates with business applications for merchants, including data-driven e-commerce tools, automated marketing, loyalty, payroll, etc. Furthermore, the phos app is free for merchants, meaning there are zero software costs and zero ongoing support fees.


Since its launch in Poland in mid-2020, SoftPos has registered live transactions in 14 European countries. The solution enables the acceptance of EVM contactless cards and their virtual equivalents. These include Google Pay, Apple Pay wallets, and wearables. SoftPos employs certified security procedures such as device attestation, asymmetric keys stored in a hardware-backed secure element, client certificates, attack prevention procedures, and PIN required. The app can serve as a white-label solution too.


Payten’s SoftPOS Android app can be used as a standalone. It also easily integrates into existing merchant applications. Besides full integration, there’s so-called “light integration”, which means calling one app from another. The company also provides the SoftPOS Backend tool as a mediator between the SoftPOS Android application and the bank processing host. Payten SoftPOS works with all Android devices that support NFC. It has a unified UX for all contactless payment devices, such as cards, phones, and wearables.


Fairbit SoftPOS solution is a cloud-based EMV contactless payment platform. It’s easy to operate and maintain. A dedicated online portal allows you to monitor transactions and create reports. Fairbit also offers advanced transaction logs that help solve field issues. Besides, they provide micro-merchants with valuable insights such as transaction decline trends and transaction statistics. The solution accepts EMV contactless cards, ApplePay, SamsungPay, and AndroidPay. It also monitors the health status of devices and instantly blocks transactions in the case of suspicious activities.


MeaPay is a mobile contactless payment solution by Norwegian fintech MeaWallet. The MeaPay SDK enables the tap to pay experiences in apps – for both physical cards and digital wallets. The company partners with Amex, Mastercard and Visa and is certified. MeaPay has a white label offering too. The solution gives you customised tools. Whether it is accounting software or a menu app, you can embed MeaPay to enable device-agnostic, contactless payments.


Alcineo SoftPOS SDK offers flexible options to tailor-make individual solutions, regardless of target markets. Alcineo solution currently has international certifications for payment systems such as Visa and Mastercard. Domestic payment networks are also supported. The company has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Afsol to integrate the NEXO standard with SoftPOS. The protocol integration into Alcinéo’s SoftPOS solution gives it a new dimension. The SDK now integrates certified payment kernels and application and protocol layers. The combined solution allows access to a Nexo Fast payment application. In addition, a protocol layer helps manage authentication and compensation messages. Moreover, a Terminal Management System ensures optimal management of SoftPOS applications deployed.

Six Payment Services

SIX Payment Services is a subsidiary of processors and payments solution provider Worldline. Its SoftPos solution has a low fixed monthly fee. Besides, it’s free to use during the promotional period. The software has received the PCI CPoC security certificate. Any smartphone or tablet with Android 8.0 or higher, an NFC module and a SIM card can become a payment terminal. Customers can pay with contactless cards, digital wallets and wearables.


Tidypay GO SoftPOS works on Android devices (10.0 version and above). It is PCI DSS certified and compliant with Visa Tap to Phone. Besides, the app supports refunds and cancellations. Tidypay is more than a traditional payment partner. It has omnichannel solutions that serve both in-store and online payments. The use of various features creates a flexible payment platform for its customers. It’s a good solution for scalability since the company operates in 32 European countries.

Apple – Tap to Pay

As most SoftPos providers support only Android phones, Apple has created its certified solution. Tap to Pay on iPhone works with selected payment apps. Those include Square, Stripe, Adyen, and more to come. The iPhones that become terminals accept payments from contactless credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, and smartphones with other digital wallets. Customers’ payment data is safe with the help of Apple Pay technology. In addition to accepting payments, merchants can use Tap to Pay to read the card info. They can add a card to a customer’s file for subscriptions or memberships. The solution also displays previous purchases so you can issue a refund without a receipt. Besides, Tap to Pay on iPhone reads NFC-enabled loyalty cards, discount cards, and points cards in Apple Wallets.


SmartPesa’s certified SoftPOS with PIN-entry solution transforms mobile devices into contactless payment acceptance terminals. The provider has created Tap On Phone for the leading acquirer Paymob. Notably, the technology facilitates digital onboarding, extending banks’ and acquirers’ reach to hard-to-reach areas quickly and affordably. A one-stop spManage platform also allows for consolidated administration, merchant enrolment and business analytics. The company has recently merged with MYPINPAD, a global leader in mobile-based payment acceptance and digital authentication solutions. It will facilitate the international expansion of SmartPesa services.


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