Top 10 tech trends to watch for

Let’s consider what the industry experts predict to be the upcoming trends

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PaySpace Magazine has written this article for those who want to be aware of the latest trends and implement cutting-edge technology for their business and be far ahead of all nearest competitors.

1. Increased automation

Experts believe that humanity will get more tools and applications that are able to work for both businessmen and consumers. These technologies are here to automate our lives in multiple ways, thus we would be exempted from useless tasks and unnecessary movements.

2. Automated transportation

Although we live in 2021, it is hard to say that we’re witnessing fully autonomous self-driving cars/municipal vehicles. This technology is not new, and we already see a lot of cases of its implementation, but still, it is not perfect and it is not so common. 2021 is anticipated to be the year of the increase in the integration of automated assistance. The wider adoption of the technology is the key to the future of fully driverless cars.

3. Enhanced human/AI interaction

There were a lot of uses for it, such as programmatic tasks/recruiting process and many others. Even though this technology is very popular and widely used, some companies had some troubles with its implementation, like giving it too much decision-making power in different processes. Thus, seeing these problems, experts expect better human/AI collaboration in 2021, and we hope that the major issue (giving AI too much power) will be solved.

Furthermore, Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots showed really good results in 2020, especially when talking about AI chatbots as a virtual assistant for customer service and operating systems. Therefore, we expect that AI-powered chatbot technology will continue to increase in 2021, and it is very possible that more industries will be able to use it for more diverse cases this year.

4. The spread of connected devices concept

Connected devices proved to be a good concept in 2020. Therefore, there is no reason to think that the technology will not be improved and commonly used in 2021. This trend is a path to a smart system for living and working. Moreover, both consumer and business-connected devices are expected to dominate the market in 2021.

5. Augmented Reality inclusion in most apps

AR is nothing new in the world of mobile devices. Originally, this technology hit the fun activity mobile applications market (particularly games), but today we can see the growth in everyday utilization of AR, and not only in games. Thus, AR can be integrated into most apps, giving them extended functionality, bringing apps new horizons and interaction options.

However, it is not only about AR, since VR is as widely used as AR. Both of them can be successfully used in the education industry, employee training, programming, and engineering. Nevertheless, the industry faced the problem of a high entry cost. This, in turn, led to a lack of apps and especially high prices for them. Therefore, experts expect the mastering and adoption of these technologies in 2021.

6. The Internet of Bodies (IoB)

Users are still adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) and all its uses. Self-monitoring devices, such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and smart glasses are now closer to the human body than any other consumer electronic device.

Nowadays digital pills, body-attached/implantable/embedded IoB devices are not that new. Although IoB is not widespread now, consumers are getting to know what this is about, and security, privacy, and physical issues will be fixed in the nearest future.

7. Technology for humanity (specifically machine learning)

It is quite possible that technology will very soon be able to help resolve social problems. The experts of this branch firmly believe that large-scale use of machine learning, robots, and drones will help improve the agriculture sector, ease droughts, and ensure the supply of food.

8. Automated voice spam (robocall) prevention

Spam phone calls are a current problem, and it requires an appropriate solution. Especially if we are talking about methods of attack such as spoofing the phone number of the victim’s family/friends/coworkers etc. Such situations increase the disregarding of phone calls. This, in itself, can become a problem, since it creates the risk that a true emergency call may remain unanswered. Nevertheless, the latest tech solutions can now block spoof caller IDs and intercept questionable calls. Therefore, the computer can ask questions of the caller to assess whether he or she is legitimate.

9. Increase in data security

Last year people worldwide faced the issues of data security and sensible information integrity. Experts strongly believe that 2021 will be a year of data security. Multiple scandals related to information security have led to a new way of looking at this problem. Many firms can now see this issue from a different angle, and it will literally force them to open their security departments or outsource them to specialized companies. Industry professionals predict that such problems as massive data leaks will continue during 2020, but this year will be the year of big solutions, particularly if we are talking about data integrity.

10. Even higher e-commerce sales

E-commerce is a convenient way to shop, and this statement sounds more like an axiom. Using this way to shop means you can match prices online, save hundreds of hours avoiding long queues and driving between shops, and this is only a partial list of benefits. The anticipation of an increase in e-commerce sales is considered to be true particularly in the case of everyday consumables. Things like toilet paper, dish soap, or toothpaste are the things that would normally classify as an “errand”. But now there is no need to leave your house to buy these things, which gives considerable impetus to online sales.


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