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Top fintech podcasts you should listen to

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Podcast has grown into one of the most popular media within a short period of time. Thanks to its storytelling element, it allows a deeper dive into specific topics in bite-sized chunks via a very accessible and convenient medium to fit into the busy lives of many people.

Podcast has grown into one of the most popular media within a short period of time. Source:

There are a number of popular podcasts dedicated to the fintech sphere which allows industry professionals to share their knowledge, opinions and conversations about relevant topics. Here, we have handpicked a list of fintech podcasts that worth your time.

1. Breaking Banks

Breaking Banks was the first fintech podcast launched when fintech first emerged. The podcast is live streamed every Thursday and hosted by Brett King, a four-time bestselling author, renowned futurist and one of the top fintech experts in the world. Brett has a great personality and is very connected in the global fintech industry. His show frequently invites guest hosts to explore how the loss of trust, rapid consumer behavior shifts, massive technological changes and increasing government scrutiny are disrupting the banking industry. It is currently the most popular fintech podcast with more than 5.5 million listens across 172 countries.

2. Around the Coin

Around the Coin is an award-winning weekly fintech podcast with the mission to offer entrepreneurs an alternative perspective for growing their business in the payments industry. Hosted by Faisal Khan, Mike Townsend, Brian Roemmele, Nako Mbelle and Malini Kannan, the show is great to listen because it is an all-rounded podcast that discusses everything related to payments from all perspectives, including US and the rest of the world. In order to stay in line with its mission, Around the Coin has launched two new series: Behind the Coin and Money on the Move. While the former focuses on cryptocurrency, the latter is all about money transfers and payments across the globe.

3. London Fintech Podcast

Hosted by Mike Baliman, London Fintech Podcast was launched in July 2014 with its mission to entertain and educate the audience. Since its launch, it has had over 400,000 downloads in 177 countries worldwide, making it one of the oldest and popular fintech podcasts in Europe. These episodes are typically 40 minutes but can run to about an hour, which feature guests from both fintech startups and incumbent financial institutions in UK, covering topics ranging from alternative finance, peer-to-peer marketplace to remittance, digital currencies and more.

4. Fintech Insider

Fintech Insider is a tri-weekly podcast that is hosted by David Brear, Chris Skinner, Jason Bates and Simon Taylor. The show covers the latest news, trends and developments in the industry by inviting some of the biggest names in banking and fintech who are disrupting the industry. The episodes of the podcast are categorized into three topics. Fintech Insider Insights takes an in-depth view on things that are disrupting financial services such as open banking, artificial intelligence, mobile banking. Fintech Insider Interviews brings a one-on-one interview with top executives, fintech masterminds and innovators transforming the finance industry. Finally, Fintech Insider News covers important updates and news of the industry within the last seven days.

5. Podcast by Wharton Fintech

The first thing that makes this podcast unique and interesting is that it is the first student-led fintech initiative and the only podcast that comes out of a university. Hosted by founders, investors as well as students who are passionate about financial technology, the podcast aims to promote fintech and connect innovative fintech enterprises with students and industry professionals by covering trends and ideas that are reshaping the financial services industry and facilitating thought leadership within the Wharton community and beyond.

6. Planet Money by NPR

Launched during the financial crisis in 2008, Planet Money has been running successfully for over a decade. Its success is manifested by winning a number of coveted awards including Peabody and Edward R. Murrow Award on its investigation regarding Wells Fargo’s retaliation against whistleblowers. Hosted by Robert Smith, Cardiff Garcia, Stacey Vanek Smith, Jacob Goldstein, Ailsa Chang, Noel King and Kenny Malone, the show covers all things related to money, banking, payments and fintech to help listeners stay updated on the fiscal world. Last year, it also launched a new series known as The Indicator, which is a shorter and more frequent version of Planet Money by discussing recent news and trends in the industry.

Apart from the podcasts recommended above, you can also stay up-to-date on the industry by checking out the latest events and conferences happening around you in our events page, or join our exclusive LinkedIn group connecting nearly 40,000 fintech and payments professionals around the world.

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