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Top payment choice for this holiday season unveiled

61% of users are about to continue using this comfortable and secure payment method


Top payment choice for this holiday season unveiled. Source:

The Strawhecker Group and the Electronic Transactions Association have released a report on their customers’ spending during the holiday season.

It shows that customers are using different types of payments while trying to shop safely. More than 72% of customers will primarily shop electronically.

However, the main methods of using this payment type are credit/debit cards, contactless cards, and digital wallets. Traditional credit/debit cards are rated the number one choice in the customer report. These are followed by one-click payment options and digital wallets.

As we're all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way most consumers work and live. Fear of exposure to the virus has led businesses to expand their digital offerings and consumers to rely increasingly on digital, mobile, and online channels to securely conduct day-to-day activitiesrn
Jodie Kelley, CEO of ETA

In fact, customers mostly use fast and secure online payment methods. The survey shows that 81% of customers have used one-click payment methods, and 37% use these features frequently. Customers register for this service once to access their cards and then make purchases at retail stores with one click.

According to data, 61% of customers who used the contactless payment method were satisfied.

At the same time, online in-store pickup and roadside pickup were tried by 27%, digital wallets by 25%, and gift delivery services by 27%.

The virus crisis speeds up widespread card use and the ease of digital payment. Customer spending on credit/debit cards in the United States has increased by 32% since the COVID-19 beginning. In the segments of sporting goods stores, bicycle stores, sports apparel stores, and home supply stores, customers’ use of credit/debit cards increased by 30%.

We’ve reported that nearly two-fifths of UK shoppers plan to participate in the Black Friday promotional period this year.


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