TransferWise integrates with another challenger bank

TransferWise joins forces with bunq

TransferWise integrates with another challenger bank. Source:

TransferWise announced a new partnership with Amsterdam-based challenger bank bunq.

bunq has joined the growing number of banks integrating with TransferWise. Personal and business users can now make fast and low-cost international payments with TransferWise from within the bunq app.

Significantly enough, by building on the TransferWise API, the mobile bank was able to launch international transfers in just 7 weeks.

Users can now send money around the world at the real exchange rate and pay only the standard, low-cost fees. At launch, users can send money to 15 currencies, with more currencies and one-click business sign-up coming soon.

bunq and TransferWise are both on the new, instant SEPA payment system, meaning that, for instance, an EUR to GBP transfer will take just minutes. In the future, it should only take a few seconds.

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