TransferWise partners Swiss digital bank

Neon’s more than 30,000 users are now able to use TransferWise’s service

TransferWise Neon

TransferWise partners Swiss digital bank. Source:

TransferWise has partnered Zurich-based digital bank Neon. This way, Swiss financial institutions are expected to transfer money faster and cheaper to recipients abroad.

The integration of TransferWise services into the Neon app allows its clients to send money directly through the app to over 40 countries in 20 currencies.

This partnership will greatly reduce the pain of sending money internationally and makes the neon account truly borderless
Jörg Sandrock, CEO of Neon

We’ve reported that Visa has announced a collaboration with Dutch infrastructure payments firm TerraPay. Both companies will develop and deliver payment solutions for both domestic and global remittances.


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