Trying before buying leads to higher online spend – infographic

The research surveyed more than 1000 US consumers

Trying before buying leads to higher online spend – research. Source:

Global payments provider Klarna released new research into consumers’ shopper behavior – specifically amongst the Gen Z and Millennial generations. The research surveyed more than 1000 consumers, finding that consumers of all ages value seamless, personalized, and flexible shopping experiences.

Today, US shoppers admit to buying clothes and accessories online an average of 10 times a year.

Customers demand a simplified and smooth online experience. Not having a standout online/mobile browser, free/simple returns, and/or a seamless checkout experience will damage retailers’ bottom lines. The top reasons for US shoppers abandoning a purchase online are that the retailer does not have a decent returns policy (36%) and the checkout process took too long (31%).

Over two-thirds (66%) say a free and easy returns policy is one of the top 2 aspects that would improve the experience and 53% said a slow and expensive returns process would stop them from shopping with a retailer again. A flawed website functionality would also prohibit 61% of shoppers from repeat visit/purchase.

49% of shoppers want technology that takes their measurements so they can be sure something will fit before buying. Source:

Although shoppers are making purchase decisions online, they still miss being able to touch, feel, and see the product before buying. Almost half (46%) of US shoppers say they like to touch and try items before they buy them, so they will tend to buy more expensive items in store. A third (29%) of shoppers prefer to browse for a new purchase online and then actually buy it in store. Enter the solution: sitting room to fitting room experiences – using solutions like deferred payment or Pay Later to help shoppers see their items before buying.

73% of consumers think that shopping in-store offers a human experience that can’t be replicated online. However, over half miss the personalized offers and discount codes they receive online and 55% think that shopping online is more convenient. Consumers want to bring some of the human touches to online shopping – 34% want online chats so they can speak directly with a representative about an item before buying.

49% of shoppers want technology that takes their measurements so they can be sure something will fit before buying. Nearly a quarter (24%) want augmented or virtual reality components – the ability to see items without trying them on (this number rises to 40% for Gen Z). 26% of shoppers want smart mirrors that make recommendations on what to buy based on what you try on.

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