Uber launches one of its free tools in Florida

Each week millions of Florida residents and visitors use the Uber app

Uber launches one of its free tools in Florida. Source:

Uber announced the launch of Uber Movement in Florida, with the addition of Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. Uber Movement is a free tool which uses Uber’s anonymized data from millions of trips and displays average travel times around and between various areas of available cities.

For the first time in Florida, anyone will be able to compare past travel conditions across different times of the day, days of the week, or months of the year. Our tool also allows people to see how journey times in different parts of the city are impacted by happenings like major events, road closures or infrastructure investments. For example, our data shows the impact on travel times of major events like Art Basel, which could be useful as transportation officials plan future events

The company says its tool will be regularly updated with quarterly data.

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