Uber launches ‘Uber Money’

Uber Money service focused on financial operations like banking and payments

Uber Money

Uber launches ‘Uber Money’. Source:

Uber team has announced the launch of Uber Money to maximize the utility of the Uber community.

As to the major characteristics, drivers and couriers will have constant access to their payment after every delivery. It means they are now able to avoid waiting for weeks to get money through the Uber Debit account.

What is more, for the American drivers, and expanding internationally soon, they are refreshing the no-monthly fee Uber Debit Account, assimilating with the Uber Driver app. Uber Debit Card will launch the cashback service on gas starting at 3% and up to 6% for the highest row of the Uber Pro drivers. Using Uber Wallet, staff and consumers will have the ability to monitor their earning and spending history.

The Uber Wallet will begin appearing in the Uber Driver application in the coming weeks, and later in other Uber apps. They are also relaunching their leading product, the Uber Credit Card, in association with Barclays. It will let the cardholders get 5% in Uber Cash from spending over the Uber platform, including Uber Rides, Uber Eats, JUMP bicycles, etc.

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