Uber presented the new vision for its app

Rides, Eats and future options will be present side-by-side

Uber presented the new vision for its app. Source:

Uber debuted its vision for the next generation of the Uber app, which is to become a platform gathering the growing number of services. Rides, Eats and future options will be present side-by-side. This new app experience is currently testing in hundreds of US and international cities.

The company announced new technologies to raise the bar on safety:

  • Verify Your Ride: To make sure you get in the right car, you’ll now be able to choose to receive a unique four-digit PIN to verbally provide to your driver. The driver will only be able to start your trip in the app once the correct PIN has been entered. The company is also developing new technology that uses ultrasound waves to automatically verify you’re in the right car, no PIN needed.
  • On-Trip Reporting: soon, riders will see a “Report Safety Incident” option in their safety toolkit (the blue shield icon) that will let them report a safety issue during their trip. Uber’s safety team will follow up after the trip.
  • Text to 911: Last year, the company added an emergency button in the Uber app to connect riders and drivers directly to 911 in case of an emergency. Now, it is adding an option to send a text message to 911 in cities and counties that support this technology. They’ll automatically draft a text message that includes trip details like the car’s make and model, license plate, and location so that 911 operators can respond quickly.
  • Improved Real-Time ID Check: it helps ensure that the driver behind the wheel matches the account in Uber’s system. Today’s enhancement prompts a driver to perform a random series of basic movements—blinking, smiling and/or turning their head—to add another layer of security.
  • Bike Lane Alerts: By the end of October, riders in more than 200 cities around the world will receive an in-app notification when they’re being dropped off near a bike lane.

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