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UK bank issues eco-friendly cards

Since youngsters are becoming ecologically concerned, the bank developed a new solution


UK bank issues eco-friendly cards. Source:

GoHenry has recently unveiled its sustainable debit card, made from a renewable material called polylactic acid (PLA). Unlike most cards, which are made from petroleum, coal, and crude oils, PLA is derived from field corn.

According to a statement, the new eco-friendly card is designed to in 6 months versus over 400 years for standard PVC cards. To do this it requires sunlight, soil, and all the microorganisms that are found in soil and rubbish. These microorganisms are the key to converting the PLA material to carbon dioxide.

Before the disposal, users will need to cut out the chip and magnetic strip, chop up the card to protect their personal data, and put it in the standard rubbish bin.

We’ve reported that Paytm announced its partnership with Mastercard which enables issuing both virtual and physical cards.

Initially, the company started issuing only virtual debit cards to beta customers. This way, they could perform secure online transactions, making an everyday purchase faster, easier, and safer. Soon this will be available for all Paytm customers.


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