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UK consumers are feeling more optimistic about the pandemic

The British public are starting to feel more optimistic about the future

UK consumers

UK consumers are feeling more optimistic about the pandemic. Source:

According to GlobalData, 34.9% of the UK population expecting the coronavirus situation to improve over the next month. Meanwhile, only 8.5% expect the situation to get a lot worse in June, compared to nearly 30% of consumers last month.

The report highlights that an improved attitude may benefit non-food retailers as consumers will return to their normal lives.

Despite there are a lot of workers still on furlough leave or without a job, the reopening plans for non-essential stores and service industry still to be confirmed depending on the virus’s progression.

Although consumers are starting to feel more confident that the COVID-19 situation will improve, the new socially-distanced reality still feels very much unknown. Retailers will need to instill confidence in UK shoppers to bring them back into non-food stores by implementing rigid safety measures to protect both visitors and staff
Sofie Willmott, Lead Analyst at GlobalData

We’ve reported that over a quarter of UK shoppers are going to spend more online after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. That’s why retailers with a limited or no online proposition must consider the investment to remain competitive.


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