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UK Google users to lose GDPR data protection

The company plans to amend its terms and conditions for UK users, requiring them to accept new terms as well


UK Google users to lose GDPR data protection. Source:

According to LearnBonds, Google intends to move its UK users’ accounts under US jurisdiction. This way, the EU privacy regulators will no longer be able to control the British user’s accounts after the Brexit.

It is believed that if Google moves UK accounts to US jurisdiction, British law enforcement agencies will get sensitive data of millions of people.

Back in 2018, the EU was the first region to introduce the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation, which was criticized for being costly for tech firms.

Nothing about our services or our approach to privacy will change, including how we collect or process data, and how we respond to law enforcement demands for users’ information. The protections of the UK GDPR will still apply to these users

The report reveals that British authorities can now more easily obtain data from US companies. The US Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (Cloud Act) allows American federal law agencies to get the requested data from tech companies. It means the authorities can access data regardless of whether the companies kept that data within the US or abroad.


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