Ukrainian art museum to preserve cultural heritage via NFT auction

The Kharkiv Art Museum launched an NFT collection on Binance to raise funds for preserving art pieces and national cultural heritage

Ukrainian art NFT


Ukraine continues to use innovative tech solutions to save its economy and culture in a brutal war started by Russia. The Kharkiv Art Museum has recently introduced its Art without Borders NFT collection on the Binance NFT marketplace.

In this case, NFT utility goes much further than confirming ownership. Art without Borders aims to finance the museum and “save the cultural heritage of Ukraine,” in times when visiting the cultural venue in Kharkiv is not only irrelevant but even dangerous. 

The NFT collection includes 15 pieces of art from the museum’s vast exhibition. Being one of the oldest museums in Ukraine, the institution hosts nearly 25,000 works of fine art by both Ukrainian and foreign artists. Artwork by Albrecht Dürer, Georg Jacob Johann van Os, Ivan Aivazovsky, Simon de Vlieger and others is presented in the NFT collection.

Binance NFT head Lisa He explained that NFTs offer reassurance to donors since all transactions are registered on blockchain technology. All donations are tracked and can’t be altered or deleted. Moreover, the transparency of the blockchain allows donors to know when and if funds reached their desired destination.

Since the start of the war, the city of Kharkiv has seen intense fighting and incessant shelling. Therefore, money raised via the NFT collection can preserve culture currently at risk of being destroyed. 

How Ukraine uses NFT in the ongoing war

This is not the first time NFT served as a way to rebuild cultural and historical objects damaged in the ongoing conflict. Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture and Information Policy has previously conducted an NFT auction to restore damaged monuments. 

In addition, the Ministry of Digital Transformation in Ukraine launched its own digital NFT museum to document and preserve a timeline of major war events.

Lisa He assured that Binance will continue to support NFT projects that create practical and scalable solutions for various social problems, “including the preservation of Ukraine’s cultural heritage.”


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