UnionPay cards to be issued in Ukraine for the first time

UnionPay International cooperates with National Bank of Ukraine to issue the first local UnionPay card

UnionPay cards to be issued in Ukraine for the first time. Source:

UnionPay International announced that it had reached cooperation with the National Bank of Ukraine. The Ukrainian central bank grants UnionPay permission to conduct business in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the National Bank of Ukraine signed an agreement with UnionPay International to promote the issuance of UnionPay-PROSTIR chip cards by members of the local payment network PROSTIR.

This is also the first time that UnionPay cards to be issued in Ukraine.

By launching the UnionPay card products that meet the payment needs of local residents, the target customers will be extended from the Chinese visiting the region to local residents, thus supporting China’s exchanges with these countries and regions. PROSTIR has more than 50 member institutions. Upon this agreement, PROSTIR will promote its member banks to issue new cards. New cards will be compatible with both UnionPay and PROSTIR chip standards, and cardholders will be able to pay for goods and services, as well as withdraw funds in ATMs in and outside Ukraine, greatly enhancing the payment experience of Ukrainian residents’ daily consumption and international travel.

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