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UnionPay unveils its acceptance rate outside mainland China

UnionPay mobile payments accepted at 3,000,000 merchant locations outside mainland China


UnionPay unveils its acceptance rate outside mainland China. Source:

UnionPay, which has expanded its acceptance footprint to 174 countries and regions, says its mobile payments are now accepted at 3 million merchants across 46 countries and regions outside mainland China.

So far, UnionPay payment service is available at over 27 million merchants outside mainland China, covering both popular destinations as well as emerging destinations for Chinese tourists. UnionPay’s overall acceptance coverage in the Asia-Pacific has reached 90%, which is the popular destination for outbound tourists.

Since this year, it has become increasingly easier to pay with UnionPay cards in emerging travel destinations. For instance, in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, UnionPay’s acceptance coverage has reached 90%. In Tanzania and Morocco, UnionPay cards will soon be accepted everywhere. UnionPay is also available on popular islands: about 60% of merchants in Tahiti accept UnionPay cards, and the acceptance coverage of UnionPay in Seychelles has reached 100%.

The optimization of UnionPay’s payment service outside mainland China is not restricted to traditional card-swiping. Chinese tourists who have recently visited Japan have found that they are already able to scan UnionPay QR codes to make payments at international airports and renowned department stores in Japan. In fact, UnionPay’s mobile payment services — including UnionPay’s QR code payment and UnionPay’s contactless payment — are now available in sectors of public transit and retail, etc. About 2.8 million merchant locations accept UnionPay’s contactless payment, QuickPass; and merchant locations accepting UnionPay QR code payment has increased to 300,000.

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