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US business owners reveal the most important issues for them

Paychex surveyed nearly 500 business owners with 500 employees

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US business owners reveal the most important issues for them. Source:

A survey conducted by Paychex revealed what issues are most important to business owners, employees, and organizations. According to the report, 72% of business owners are experiencing growth, having increased their incomes since 2018.

Employers consider nine main issues when it comes to running a business:

  1. The economy (95%)
  2. Taxes (90%)
  3. Healthcare (76%)
  4. Tariffs/trade policies (67%)
  5. Immigration (60%)
  6. Gun policy (56%)
  7. Opioid crisis (55%)
  8. Climate change (54%)
  9. Income inequality (54%)

The most important issue among people surveyed differs depending on age. Business owners between 39-54 and 55+ years old ranked the economy as their top “very important” issue at 77% and 63%, respectfully. Meanwhile, employers ages 18-38 prioritized healthcare with 49% considering it as very important, followed by the economy at 46%.

Every business is unique, but the issues that keep business owners up at night are often universal. The economy, taxes, and healthcare have historically been significant areas of focus for legislators and business owners alike and will clearly remain a priority during this election cycle
Martin Mucci, Paychex president and CEO

A survey showed that 67% of business owners claim tariffs and trade policies considerably important. As to the businesses in the manufacturing sector, they placed a higher level of importance on this issue with 80%.


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