US mobile market to grow significantly driven by 5G adoption

US mobile market set to reach $224 bn by 2024 driven by 5G adoption and unlimited smartphone data plans

US mobile market to grow significantly driven by 5G adoption. Source:

The rising adoption of smartphones and emerging 5G technology is expected to drive the US mobile market to reach $224 billion by 2024, says GlobalData.

Market penetration and traffic data consumption are set to increase with 97% of the US population expected to own a smartphone by the end of 2024.

The recent launch of commercial 5G services will also help to accelerate this data usage, as operators expand their network coverage and 5G-enabled smartphones become more commercially available. Average smartphone monthly data usage in the US is set to grow from 12GB in 2019 to 37GB/month by 2024.

By 2024, 38% of the total mobile subscriptions in the US will be supported by 5G technology, most of which will be on unlimited smartphone plans.

Carriers will continue to develop their 5G ecosystems by collaborating with other IoT service providers in order to offer solutions such as 4K live streaming, remote drones, autonomous cars and live immersive experiences that will further grow average revenue per user (ARPU).

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