Visa Token Service Reached Important Milestone

The number of Visa tokens worldwide grew twofold in a year, reaching 4 billion tokens in circulation and surpassing the quantity of Visa bank cards for the first time

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Visa Token Service Reached Important Milestone. Source:

Visa announced that it had issued over 4 billion tokens globally through its Visa Token Service. The number nearly doubled from 12 months ago, surpassing the physical Visa cards in circulation for the first time.

In addition, more than 8,600 issuers and 800,000 merchants are now using the service worldwide. That led to a 28% reduction in fraud rates and a 3% increase in approval rates. Therefore, the tokenisation mechanism both increases sales and saves money on fraud-related expenses.

The growth rates are rising rapidly. Thus, the first-billion token milestone was reached in June 2020. Increased adoption stems from e-commerce volume growth which fostered increased consumer expectations and demand for simple and safe transactions. Tokenisation comes in handy since replacing sensitive data with tokens makes digital payments more secure and personalised. 

“The uptick in issuers, acquirers, merchants and consumers all transacting with Visa tokens reinforces that the future of money is truly digital, and digital money must be built on trust.”
Jack Forestell
Visa executive vice president


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