What are the most popular online payment methods?

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Businesses saw new heights and are constantly evolving with the advancements in payment methods. Payment methods have progressed tremendously from the days of cash or card. Merchants keep themselves and their business websites updated by adding new and reliable payment methods to make things easy and swift for customers.

From customers to a merchant, the masses always think of what online payment methods are popular, easy and reliable to provide or use? One of the most difficult challenges you will face as a seller planning to enter e-commerce markets in different geographic locations is figuring out what the most popular online payment options are.

Knowing which online payment method is ideal for that market is critical, as buyers are 70% more likely to complete a purchase if their desired payment method is available.

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Why should companies implement global payment solutions?

E-commerce websites that accept a variety of payment methods frequently benefit from doing so because it increases sales volume and thus profits. Furthermore, providing safe and convenient payment methods guarantees that each sale goes off without a hitch, trying to encourage buyers to make repeat sales, clientelistic loyalty, and word-of-mouth testimonials.

Henceforth, below mentioned payment systems have proven themselves to be the most popular payment system over a period of time.

Most Popular Online Payment methods

Credit Card

For a variety of reasons, credit cards are by far one of the most widely used and popular online payment methods in the world. Credit cards are widely accepted in stores, restaurants, and even online retailers.

You must first open a bank account and make a deposit into it before you can apply for a credit card. The account holder will be able to pay for anything without carrying cash by simply using the credit card to ensure quick and secure payment.

Because of the rapid development of internet technologies, people can now pay online with credit cards. It is very easy to use for online buyers as they have to first register to the site where they are willing to make a purchase.

Later they can easily proceed by providing personal and credit card information, and only then will the money be paid to the merchant. There are numerous credit card types, but Visa and MasterCard are two of the most common.

Debit Card

Over a period of time, Debit cards have gained popularity as one of the most convenient and accessible payment methods. It is also known as a bank card or a check card. This alternative form of payment, like a paper check, takes money directly from the cardholder’s account.

Debit cards, in general, serve the same functions as paper checks. Debit cards are similar to credit cards but in the case of debit cards, a cardholder cannot spend more money than is available on the debit card account.

Because of its simplicity, a company that provides online payment methods such as PayU, Stripe, and others uses this in its platforms.


eWallets are primarily digital virtual wallets that allow customers to deposit money into an account and pay and receive money online. Customers can send money without disclosing any financial information and pay who use their own bank accounts and credit cards.


Online merchants have realized that online business can be made more lucrative by implementing various online payment methods that can help to provide more seamless purchasing experiences to its buyers. By Far, Credit and Debit card usage has been most prominent above all.


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