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What type of professionals are needed to create an AR app?

Creating AR apps is a complex process that requires the coordinated work of various IT professionals

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What type of professionals are needed to create an AR app? Source:

Augmented reality software is used for gaming, training, work and consumer applications in many industries including healthcare, public safety, gas and oil, tourism and marketing. AR apps are written in special 3D programs. That’s where AR and VR developers step in.

They may be required to have general experience with AR/VR design, standards, and protocols or specific familiarity with pervasive software suites for game development (Unity, Unreal, etc.), depending on the purpose of the app. A good developer should be good at using a few AR SDKs such as Maxst, ARToolKit, Apple ARKit, Vuforia, etc and have programming experience.

The skills in UI and UX design are also extremely important. As high-quality visuals are crucial for many AR apps, 3D artists may be hired to design the graphic elements.

The major technologies used by both iOS app developers and Android app developers are:

  • C#, C/C++ programming languages
  • Swift programming language for iOS
  • Java, JavaScript, Python for the AR-powered Android apps
  • Visual development tools like Vuforia, ARkit, Wikitude, ARCore, and others
  • Graphic designing tools like MS Visual Studio, MS HoloLens, OpenFrameworks, Adobe Aero, ARCore, etc
  • Simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM)

Sophisticated AR programs used for specific professional training may include machine vision, object recognition and gesture recognition technologies. Therefore, apps like that require advanced computer science knowledge.

However, creating an AR app is not only about product development. The teams also deal with hardware, research, operations, technical program management, sales and marketing. Therefore, companies developing AR apps require professionals in digital marketing, SEO, and other production aspects.


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