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Which companies have the most number of blockchain-related patents?

Chinese central bank is also on the list


Which companies have the most number of blockchain-related patents? Source:

In line with the report which ranks the world’s companies and entities by the number of blockchain-related patents, large-scale financial and technology enterprises from the USA and China are in the lead with the number of patents related to blockchain.

The study was made by iPR Daily, and it revealed that Chinese giant Alibaba, which has more than 90 blockchain patents, heads the list.

IBM, which has 89 special patents, ranks second, while Mastercard (with 80 patent applications) is only third. Bank of America ranks fourth with 53 blоckchain-related patent applications.

It is noteworthy that the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is number five. That makes it one of the few central banks that has switched to blосkсhаin technology. Thus, it has 44 applications.

According to СоinDеsk, РВoС Digital Currency Lab, headed by Yao Qian, has filed more than 40 patent applications within one year of its launch.

Most of the above-mentioned technologies are under active development. Moreover, some of these technologies have even been launched. Alibaba, for example, has recently launched a payments corridor based on a distributed network, which will facilitate funds transactions between Hong Kong and Philippines based citizens.

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