Wise Rebrands As Customer Numbers Reach 16 Million

Money transfer company Wise has updated its design.

Wise Rebrands As Customer Numbers Reach 16 Million


The firm has updated the interface in connection with the new realities within which it will carry out its activities. These realities represent the fact that the company’s customer base has increased to 16 million people. The company serves consumers all over the world. According to Wise management, the increase in the number of customers is a factor that needs to be responded to in all aspects of the business.

A complete visual overhaul of the company’s app includes a fresh green palette and a new font. Borrowings from world currencies, languages, alphabets, and places around the world were also involved.

Christo Kjarmann, co-founder and CEO of Wise, says that the new look of the company was inspired by millions of people and businesses around the world who use the services of the firm. The concept of renewal is based on the idea of uniting the world’s socio-cultural spaces.

Kristo Kjarmann stated that the company currently serves about 6 million customers. The total amount of transactions that the firm processes during one quarter are more than 25 billion pounds. He also noted that every week the customer base increases by about 100 thousand people.

The company was founded in 2011. The firm positions itself as a money transfer service, which is an alternative to the standard banking mechanism, characterized by high cost and excessive complexity of the procedure. Wise is actively working on creating international accounts that allow customers to send, spend, receive, and store money in more than 50 currencies.

Wise has announced the launch of assets in Singapore. Next year, this feature will be available to European customers. In India and Israel, Wise has received licenses to launch more services, including a multi-currency account and a card.

The company also provides a built-in money transfer platform to more than 60 banks and large enterprises, including GooglePay, Deel, and Monzo.

As we have reported earlier, Wise Joins G-P to Power Global Contractor Payments.

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