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Xiaomi Applies for Patent Enabling Contactless QR Payments on AR Glasses

Chinese designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and related software Xiaomi has filed a patent for a QR code payment technology linked to its wearable augmented reality (AR) glasses

Xiaomi Applies for Patent Enabling Contactless QR Payments on AR Glasses

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Xiaomi has applied for a patent with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) to enable owners of its proprietary VR glasses to initiate and authenticate contactless QR code payments.

The technology captures an image of one’s surroundings when a user wants to initiate a payment. It recognizes and extracts the relevant merchant/payee’s QR code from the captured image. Next, the system will launch an ID verification process to authorize the payment.

QR code payment support would be convenient for users, as they could pay directly through the AR glasses without any additional devices or payment means such as a smartphone or credit card. The benefits of a fast and streamlined payments process are especially outstanding “in busy or crowded areas”.

Besides, such a payment alternative will come in handy for people with physical disabilities as they might struggle with traditional payment methods. Finally, the new technology paves the way for more immersive e-commerce experiences, including virtual shopping tours and entertainment options.

The Discovery Edition of Xiaomi’s Wireless AR Glass wearable device was presented at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona last month. It can be paired with compatible devices using NFC. The VR glass users can choose conventional smartphone controls for use as a gesture or touchpad control.

The device supports many large-screen apps available through Mi Share. Additionally, the AR capability allows users to place the chosen apps anywhere in the viewing space and adjust their interface size via spatial gestures. For example, users may ‘grab’ the screen from a typical television screencast to continue watching it on their VR glasses.

Besides, Xiaomi VR glasses owners can interact with “smart” devices, being able, for instance, to turn on/off the light or link virtual speakers with the real environment.

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