Xiaomi introduced a CyberDog robot

That’s Xiaomi’s first foray into quadruped robotics for the open-source community and developers worldwide


Xiaomi introduced a CyberDog robot. Source:

Xiaomi has launched a CyberDog robot, according to the company’s blog.

The launch was done at an event where the four-legged robot was showcased. Until its launch, Xiaomi kept the product secret. The robot is paired with 128GB of SSD storage and powered by Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier NX AI Supercomputer. These features give the robot a 21 TOPS AI performance similarly referred to as Tera Operations Per Second.

The CyberDog has various sensors, cameras, and microphones. This allows the robot to easily detect and respond to surrounding objects. This is called spatial perception. The robot can recognize close to what the human eye can.

The sensors include ultra-wide cameras, AI cameras, and Intel RealSense D450 depth. This is vital since it aids the robot to turn right, left, jump, roll, do a backflip, lean forward, and even stand on its rear legs. It can carry up to 3 kgs and has a 3.2 m/s maximum speed.


The tech giant has also developed its XiaoAI system into a robot that allows the control of home appliances, those that are compatible such as AC, TV, vacuum cleaner, and air purifier.

Users can operate the CyberDog via voice control, remote control, or a mobile app. Currently, the mobile app supports few Redmi and Xiaomi devices. These include Redmi K40, Redmi 10X Pro, Mi MIX 2s, Redmi K40 Gaming Edition, Redmi K30 5G, and Redmi 10X. The CyberDog is currently available in China at CYN 999.

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