5 Best Crypto Ad Networks for Publishers (Advertisers)

The crypto industry has skyrocketed to become one of the biggest in recent years. And as it grows, people keep discovering more ways to make money.

5 Best Crypto Ad Networks for Publishers (Advertisers)
One of the most popular ones is crypto ads networks. Advertising is a profitable investment; it has to be in every company’s annual budget. Like Henry Ford once said, “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” In this article, we’ll look at the five best crypto ad networks any advertiser can use to get more efficient results and make more money.



Bitmedia is a crypto advertising network that offers ads for different kinds of businesses. Bitmedia has several features that help advertisers reach their audiences in industries like cryptocurrency, blockchain, gaming, betting, etc. Bitmedia has a vast range of ad formats, from display banners to native advertisements, sticky ads, video ads, and more, so advertisers can market their products and services in many ways.

But that’s not all; Bitmedia has some inbuilt advanced targeting features based on location, device, browser, language, etc. It also has real-time analytics and analysis and a user-friendly interface for easy tracking and optimizing advertising campaigns.

But what are the advantages of Bitmedia for advertisers?

  • Bitmedia has a self-serve platform advertisers can use to easily create and manage their campaigns, choosing from various ad sizes and formats. It also has flexible pricing models, like CPM, CPC, and CPA. Hence, advertisers can optimize their ad delivery based on costs and performance.
  • Bitmedia has a large and growing audience of crypto enthusiasts, investors, and traders. It records over 130 million monthly impressions across hundreds of crypto-related websites, so a readily available audience exists.
  • Bitmedia also has strict quality standards for publishers and advertisers. They ensure the ads are relevant, engaging, and comply with industry regulations. It also has a dedicated support team that’s always available to advertisers.

Bitmedia has grown in popularity among crypto firms because of its focus on the crypto, web3, and gaming industries. Its ability to provide relevant and efficient advertising options at their Marketplace makes it one of the best ad networks.


Coinzilla is another one of the leading crypto ad networks. The platform has a wide range of advertising options for advertisers and an extensive network of websites, all in a user-friendly interface that makes it great for audience targeting. Coinzilla also offers various ad formats so advertisers can choose the most suitable option for their campaigns. It has advanced targeting features, real-time statistics, and reasonable pricing models to ensure maximum ROI for advertisers. So, what advantages does Coinzilla have for advertisers?

  • Coinzilla is a good platform for campaign optimization since advertisers can use tracking and optimization tools to improve marketing results.
  • Coinzilla comes with HTML5 banners so advertisers can engage their audience with custom HTML5, eye-catching and interactive banners.
  • With Coinzilla’s strategic ad placements and exclusive partnerships with top finance and crypto websites, advertisers can place banners where they will get noticed.

Coinzilla claims to be the chosen network by over 65% of crypto advertisers, delivering over 16,000 campaigns across hundreds of crypto, Web3, and blockchain-focused websites.


AdEx is a unique decentralized advertising platform that uses blockchain technology to ensure privacy and security. Even with the blockchain undertone, AdEx still has a user-friendly interface. It also comes with real-time statistics and a token-based payment system that makes transactions safer and more secure. It also comes with anti-fraud measures and ad verification. How exactly can AdEx help you as an advertiser?

  • AdEx allows blockchain-based payments, unlike a lot of other ad networks. You can pay for your ads using the native token of AdEx (ADX), which is based on the Ethereum blockchain and ensures fast and secure transactions.
  • AdEx’s focus on security also helps advertisers avoid invalid traffic, fraud, and bots, using the AdEx validator stack, which verifies the authenticity and quality of the impressions and clicks.
  • Advertisers can now respect their audience’s data privacy with the AdEx identity hub, allowing users to control their data and preferences.

AdEx claims to be the largest decentralized ad network in the world, delivering over 300 million impressions per month across hundreds of crypto-related websites. It also has a loyal community of over 9,000 ADX token holders who stake their tokens to secure the network and earn rewards.


Cointraffic is a well-established crypto ad network with one of the largest networks of publishers. It also offers various ad formats, advanced targeting options, real-time statistics, personalized support, and a user-friendly interface—everything an advertiser needs for an effective and optimized campaign. But what other features does Cointraffic have?

  • Cointraffic has a bot filter solution that prevents spam and other harmful traffic. Cointraffic’s proprietary bot filter solution verifies the quality and authenticity of the traffic so advertisers can be sure that their ads are shown to real and relevant users, not bots or fraudsters.
  • Cointraffic has exclusive partnerships with top finance and cryptocurrency websites and delivers over 3.5 billion impressions per month. So, crypto advertisers can easily reach a highly engaged, niche audience of crypto enthusiasts, investors, and traders.
  • Cointraffic has a handy dashboard feature that makes monitoring and analyzing daily performance reports easy, with detailed statistics and insights on your ad performance.
  • Cointraffic has a dedicated personal account manager who provides professional assistance and support and can help you choose the proper ad format, prepare the creatives, and even launch your campaign.

Cointraffic claims to be the leading crypto and bitcoin advertising network, offering the most innovative advertising and monetization solutions for advertisers and publishers worldwide since 2014.

Mellow Ads

Mellow Ads is another popular crypto ad network that focuses on providing simple and cost-effective advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers. Mellow Ads provides all the regular services an ad network does and provides the moneymaking features. Still, it also offers a referral program, allowing users to earn additional income by referring new advertisers to the platform. But what else does it offer?

  • Apart from the various built-in banner ad formats and pop-under ads available on the platform, you can also create custom ads using the Mellow Ads banner builder tool.
  • You can also choose between pay-per-day or pay-per-click campaigns to optimize your ad delivery based on costs and performance and set your own daily budget and maximum cost per click.
  • Mellow Ads also allows Bitcoin-based payments so you can pay for your ads using Bitcoin. You can also earn free Bitcoin by using the Mellow Ads faucet.
  • Mellow Ads also makes direct campaigns as easy as it gets. On the platform, advertisers can directly choose the websites they want to advertise on for an even more targeted advertising campaign.

Mellow Ads claims to be the leading Bitcoin advertising network since 2015. Their focus has always been on making advertising simple and cost-effective for advertisers worldwide.


Crypto ad networks have become valuable platforms, especially for publishers and advertisers. With crypto ad networks, advertisers can easily monetize their content and reach their target audience. Of course, tons of crypto ad networks are available on the internet, but it’s better to go for the best. You just can’t beat the best. If you are a publisher looking to earn more or an advertiser looking to improve your business, these five crypto ad networks have the best features and benefits to help you achieve your goals.

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